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  1. Beat me to it. I'm from Albuquerque, and I agree that Isotopes is one of the most unique team names out there. Though of course, it was thought of by The Simpsons, not by anyone with the team. As an eleven-year-old Simpsons fan, I was a huge fan of the name choice. Today it does feel a bit like a joke that's outlived its humor, which may be part of the reason why caps and jerseys of the Albuquerque Dukes (the city's previous AAA team) have gotten so popular in recent years. Though I still like the Isotopes name in and of itself. I'm surprised no one's mentioned the Jazz in this thread. In my opinion, "Jazz" is the most unique and creative name in the Big Four leagues.
  2. Another one: the 1996-2004 Utah Jazz uniforms with the 1997 and 1998 Finals. Distinctive uniforms with a distinctive color scheme now seen as a representation of the style of uniforms from that period. The Jazz reached their greatest heights while wearing those uniforms, and when I see them, I'm always going to think of them falling just short to Michael Jordan two years in a row.
  3. I agree with this one, though I also associate the Titans' navy home uniforms with the Music City Miracle, as well as with Super Bowl XXXIV. At the time, I liked the choice to make the powder blue alternates the primary home uniforms because I've always liked powder blue, but now I find myself missing the navy jerseys, and I think that's because they were worn during the team's most significant moments (at least since moving to Tennessee).
  4. That's a great example. Not only were they worn during the franchise's greatest moment, but they also stick out because of their unique color scheme, a color scheme made even more unique by the fact that so many teams have gone away from those colors since 2001 (Though the Hornets are bringing it back).
  5. (I did a search to see if a topic like this already existed and I couldn't find one, hopefully I didn't miss anything.) Are there any uniforms you associate primarily with one game, or one moment? This refers specifically to uniforms worn multiple times, because obviously we all associate Wild Wing and Burger King with the Wild Wing and Burger King Game. For example, I associate the Falcons' 1997-2002 road uniforms with the 1998 NFC Championship Game. This is the most significant victory in Falcons history to date, not to mention one of the most exciting championship games and biggest playoff upsets. But for me to associate a uniform with one game, it's important not only for the game to be significant, but for the uniforms themselves to stick out in some way. For the 1997-2002 Falcons road uniforms, it was the red numbers. The Falcons uniforms of the 90's were so dominated by black (black jersey, black logo on a black helmet) that the red numbers on the road uniforms really jumped out at me. When I think about the 1998 NFC Championship Game, the first image that comes to mind is those red numbers. Very similarly, the New York Giants' current road uniforms feature red numbers, even though very little red is present in the home uniforms, and so I associate those uniforms with the most significant game the Giants have won while wearing them: Super Bowl XLII. What about you guys? What uniforms do you associate with one game, one play, one moment?
  6. NFL - Steelers: I was born and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and as with many cities that don't have any pro teams, people there end up picking and choosing different teams for different reasons. Both my parents were big football fans, so it was always on in my house growing up. My dad was a huge Cowboys fan, but one day when I was five, my mom and I were watching some postgame highlights, and my mom pointed out the team in the yellow pants on TV. She told me that they were the Steelers, and that they were really good when she was in high school. The Steelers therefore became the first team I could identify, the first team for whom I could match a name with an image, and because of that, they became my favorite. Much to the chagrin of my dad, who obviously wanted me to be a Cowboys fan. NBA - Spurs: When basketball first entered my consciousness, I knew of two teams: the Bulls (in the midst of their second Jordan-led threepeat) and the Lakers. I chose the Lakers as my favorite, but not too long after that (I assume it was in 1999, following the Spurs first title) I became aware of the Spurs. Something about their name and their identity grabbed me, and they've been my favorite ever since. MLB - Blue Jays: There were a few teams I took an interest in as a kid, like the Yankees (duh), the Pirates (I rooted for Pittsburgh's football team and figured I would root for their baseball team too), the Marlins (I got a teal ice cream helmet of theirs and really liked the color). But the two teams I took the greatest interest in were the Expos and Blue Jays. For some reason, as a kid, I was really tickled by the idea of Canadian baseball teams. I liked the Expos the best, in large part because I loved their logo, and if they still played in Montreal then they'd probably be my favorite team today. But they left, and now I root for the Blue Jays. NHL - Coyotes: My first favorite hockey team was the Ducks, because I loved their purple and teal uniforms and enjoyed rooting for them in the 2003 playoffs, but I lost interest when they changed their uniforms. I'm currently attending a college in Arizona, which has led to me becoming a bigger fan of the Arizona teams. This is especially true of the Coyotes, who I had a lot of fun rooting for when they went on their run to the Western Conference Finals in 2012. On top of that, I just really like the idea of the Coyotes. I like the idea of ice hockey being played in a place where it doesn't belong according to nature, and I like the fact that the team has somehow stayed in Phoenix despite overwhelming ownership issues. So now they're my favorite team. NCAA - New Mexico Lobos: As an Albuquerque native, UNM is the one team I actually have a legitimate reason to root for (though I've never attended UNM. As I mentioned, I go to a college in Arizona, a really tiny one that doesn't have any sports teams).
  7. I always thought it was dumb that Arizona went with a BFBS license plate for the Cardinals, but I do have to admit, it really makes the logo stand out. Arizona also has Diamondbacks and Suns license plates. They don't have Coyotes plates, to the best of my knowledge.
  8. An interesting thing to note about New Mexico wearing turquoise is that turquoise actually used to be a school color. The Lobos wore these throwback uniforms in early 2012 that incorporated some turquoise:
  9. I'm probably the only person who noticed this, and I'm probably the only one who cares, but you left out New Mexico State from the Independents. Great series thus far, btw.
  10. I could be way off base here, but are the side panels meant to be reminiscent of the street lamps in the French Quarter?
  11. I wasn't able to find a better picture of it, but here's an old logo for the University of New Mexico Lobos.