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  1. Steve the Suit: Dan, we need a new uniform design. Start as soon as possible.

    Dan the Designer: OK, Steve. I'll get started right away.


    Steve exits.


    Dan opens uni-template.psd. Taps fingers on desk for a few seconds then heads outside for a smoke break.


    (10 minutes later)


    Dan returns to cubicle to find Steve standing over his desk.


    Steve: Dan, these are perfect! The fans will love them!


    And the new Jags unis were born...




  2. 2 hours ago, Delux247 said:

    Quick recap


    Official unveilings remaining: 6 (Hawks, Warriors, Lakers [partial] Heat, Pelicans [partial], Raptors)


    Waist band logos: 26 with, 2 without (Timberwolves & Spurs), and 2 unknown (Heat & Pelicans)


    Sponsor patches: 13 (Celtics, Nets, Hornets, Cavs, Nuggets, Pistons, Bucks, Timberwolves, Magic, Sixers, Kings, Raptors, & Jazz)


    From the rookie shoot, Pellies do have the alternate N wheel/ball logo on the waist, and the Heat have the MH secondary logo


  3. I actually liked the subtle rays in the Suns previous wordmark, much more than the bevel. ??


    The previous look had more unique features while the new one is pretty generic. Colors look good though. Ultimately it's subjective but I prefer the previous. New one will hopefully grow on me though.

  4. 15 hours ago, KillWIll said:

    Has anyone mentioned this yet? 




    The round about fanatics shirts seem to be very accurate so far in terms of jersey numbers and colors (76ers drop shadows, the cavs jerseys) and this seems to contradict the earlier Phoenix leak... unless they have another purple jersey, for some reason.



    So the numbers on the purple jersey will be white? ? That's no good at all