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  1. Planning my upcoming trip to San Simeon- staying at The Morgan. Enjoy a special rate on me: http://t.co/Hv13T4Aray

  2. LIKE IT!!! You know when your done with this, you will have to create another 32 team league for all of the villians right? Just imagine a Joker inspired uniform! Keep em coming!
  3. Very cool concept... My advice would be to try and make these as realistic as possible. You did a great job with the dark knight set. The superman one is good but a little too campy for modern times. Try taking color cues from the new movie coming out or (dare I say it), Superman Returns. I would go with a different logo for the helmet... This is the kind of concept that can, and should be, taken to its full. I would create a whole leage with two conferences (DC and Marvel) and just GO TO TOWN WITH IT!!! There are so many super hero's that making a 32 team leage would be easy. Possibilites are endless with this one.... GOOD WORK!
  4. Digging the new primary logo... Good blend of old and new. Not a fan of the NY logo with the tail wing. Doesn’t look right IMO… Been saying for a while that I think the Jets need to go with a Green helmet again. How do you feel about inverting the colors on the logo and putting it on a green helmet? Like the sleeves though the NY logo (as it is) needs to go. How about shifting the numbers down to the white area? Did you darken the jerseys from their current color or are my eyes going? Overall, I like it. Good work!
  5. Wonderful update! The shoulder striping is magnificent! Only thing that I'm not sold on is the italic and the border on the font. At a glance, the border looks almost like another color. Same with the border on the sleeve stripe. I think it’s best to go solid there. Any chance for a full green helmet with your new logo? Maybe invert the colors on the logo to make it pop on the green helmet? J Awesome work!
  6. First off, great start! As a longtime jets fan, I like where you are trying to go (blending old and new) but I agree with the comments regarding the grey. It needs to go. I just see the Eagles instead of the Jets. Black is their third color, or at least it was in the past, so that should be used as an outline. Pants – Perfect! Love the striping... Hope someone pays attention to this when it comes time for the team to do this for real. Jerseys - Should go back to stripes instead of the swoosh. Font needs to be changes as well. It's modern but it doesn’t blend well with the old/new approach. Helmet - Love the new logo. Perfect blend of old and new. I think you need to invert the colors on the logo and go with a green helmet with a white facemask and a white/black center stripe. Alternate - Try a full black jersey with white lettering and a green accent. That (with the green helmet) should satisfy the futuristic urges :-) Would love to see this whole concept worked on further. Not enough Jets stuff on here. Good Work!
  7. Like this alot. Love the step-back striping... Try full blue facemask and a little more blue on the socks somewhere. Maybe accent the cleates instead.
  8. I have to say, this has been one of the most enjoyable columns for me. The concepts are all really, really well done… They are different, but none of them are over the top and all of them are believable as on-field products. Titans - My Favorite… It’s clean, the logo is simple, retro (in a way) and it just flows… Is that custom or one of their real alternate logos? The biggest compliment is the color scheme. I have been thinking that the NFL needs a team with a VERY light color scheme for a while now and this just does the job perfectly. Jags – Probably the only team in the league (including the Bengals) that could pull off sleeves like that and have it be believable. Don’t know how but after seeing them I actually think they are necessary now. Would love to see this done with the new logo… Texans – Best helmet I have seen by far. The only thing I would do is make both of the horns red. Star on the back is classic. I do think their regular logo is great and would love to see it on the shoulders in place of the stripe, just to make sure it is on the uniform somewhere. Broncos – Is it just me or was the Blue on the original version darker than the current blue? I think your original was the best and the only thing it needed was an orange helmet, same blue logo but with a white mane instead. Jets – Of course I am going to have the most to say about my own team. Guess that’s normal right?... I love the Black. I think they have needed more Black in their uniforms for years now. I mean some of the most beautiful Jets in the world (B2 Bomber, SR71 Blackbird, etc.) have been Black right? Anyway (I digress); I can’t get past the peppermint green. Maybe they deserve it after the past 2 seasons but it just looks too wimpy. Any way you could do a version with either their current Forest Green or their (80’s & 90’s) Kelly Green? Logo is nice but if not a completely new concept, I think their 90’s (with the Black trim) is best. Anyway, just my thoughts... Keep up the great work! Can’t wait to see the NFC!
  9. Awesome stuff! Any chance you could do the Jets helmet with a white facemask and no shield? Perhaps a white stripe as well?