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  1. As a secondary logo I think it could work. Otherwise, I think it may be too complex for a primary crest - from a distance, without more contrast, the image would look like a big blob. Its also reminiscent of the Norfolk Admirals - not a bad thing, just a note, and could be a potential source for design direction.
  2. Rather than Target or Best Buy, I'd imagine the rugby team playing at the current Gopher's stadium - TCF Bank stadium (outdoor venue smaller than the Metrodome). So having the shirt sponsor as TCF Bank would make sense. For some team name suggestions: New England Revolt Old Penn RFC Georgia Empires (nicknamed the Empire State of the South) Washington Capital From my experience (mostly with Australian and New Zealand Rugby) a number of teams had singular names. I'm also a big fan of the "Old" prefix or the OBC (Old Boys Club) as a suffix.