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  1. Did anyone else notice the horn helmet ooks a bit tilted upward?
  2. Really cool concept. I like it.
  3. When did the number picture come out?
  4. These look awesome. I love the alt for Chi
  5. That is absolutely not the exact gold. IT looks green. And WHERE do yo ukeep getting this grey "information" from? These forcasts yo udo... just are kind of off.
  6. Their wordmark needed no updating. It's a classic. You gonna ask the Giants or Packrs to do the same?
  7. The music notes on Nashville almost look like they form an N and a U. Great logo
  8. Where are you getting your info? There's no way they'd go with grey, man. Just my opinion, but I have a good feeling that the helmet will be more the same, than less. There definitely will make changed, ut just not that drastic
  9. Vikings one that has the new norseman on the left, and says viKINGS, please!! Thanks!
  10. What program do you use?
  11. The helmet has changed. Go to vikings.com and watch the video of Jared Allen looking at the new helmet. There will be a new helmet, garuntee it
  12. Did anyone see the Jared Allen video of him seeing the helmet? He loves it and calls it tough. So right there, you know they didn't do much with the helmet
  13. You know that Vikings are from Scandanavia, right?
  14. First off: The AWAY blew my mind. It looks so old school, I swear they will look like Purple People Eaters out there. Second: The grey doesn't work with the white facemask. I say ditch the grey pants, and make the Home ALT 2 the HOME. These are fantastic. As a die hard Vikings fan, I love these, again, besides the grey. I would love if htey adopted these. Great work