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  1. Good start, but definitely a major way to improve it would be to add hockey aspects. make the bolt look like a stick (or maybe another lightning bolt across the top to make a "T" and then add a bolt to make a "B"), or add a puck. Definitely need the hockey inclusion.
  2. Hey dude, these are great. Those Auburn ones are fantastic and the others I've seen are too. Can you do the Caps logo or the Nationals curly W logo too? Thx.
  3. I agree, the Redskins don't even really use that as their alternate logo so the Redskin head or the curly R should be put on the jersey. And i saw the comment that the creator said he was using the helmet logo, so to clear it up you weren't using it. The helmet logo is the Redskin head. The R you put on the center of the jersey is almost nowhere on any Redskins gear, and certainly not the helmet. On a side not, that Tennessee Titans (as opposed to the jets throwback titans) alternate jersey is fantastic. Way to make it slightly different than the rest of the jerseys and really improve with it. The Panthers is very good too, but IMO it would look even better with something like claw marks a little above the waist.
  4. Wow these are amazing. Can you do a player from the Washington Nationals, Capitals or Redskins (other than RG3)? Any player will do. I saw the Otto Porter one on your twitter page, its really good.
  5. I love these. I've seen them in people's signatures, and I've always wondered how they got them. Can you make me one for the Washington Capitals? 1st pic: 2nd pic: 3rd pic: Either this or , whichever is easier. 4th pic: 5th pic: and the ending line: ...the Phone Booth unleashes the fury THANK YOU!
  6. Honestly, I love these. I've looked at all of them, and haven't found on I dislike. I was hoping there would be one for my Nats, so can you make Nats next? thanks.
  7. Hey, these look great. You are really on to something here. Could I possibly see Washington Capitals, Nationals, Redskins or UMD Terps please? Sny and all would be great. Thanks.
  8. nationals, capitals, redskins, wizards, maryland terps. thanks a lot.
  9. Washington Capitals, Nationals, Redskins, and Wizards. Maryland terps. Any and all will be appreciated!! Thank you!!!
  10. Anaheim Ducks - Alternate Boston Bruins - Alternate Buffalo Sabres - home Calgary Flames - home Carolina Hurricanes - home Chicago Blackhawks - home Colorado Avalanche - Home Columbus Blue Jackets - alternate Dallas Stars - road Detroit Red Wings - home Edmonton Oilers - home Florida Panthers - home Los Angeles Kings - road Minnesota Wild - alternate Montreal Canadiens - home Nashville Predators - home New Jersey Devils - away New York Islanders - home New York Rangers - alternate Ottawa Senators - alternate Philadelphia Flyers - home Phoenix Coyotes - home Pittsburgh Penguins - alternate San Jose Sharks - home St. Louis Blues - road Tampa Bay Maple Leafs - home Vancouver Canucks - home Washington Capitals - home Winnipeg Jets - home
  11. Please do the Nationals!! these look great, and if you could make a nats one with a curly W that says "80 years in the making" (because washington hasn't won a world series in 80 years and this years team is a WS favorite) that would be great! but any nats design will do. thank you
  12. You should make the red on the Flames home jersey brighter.