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  1. @IjeomaOluo lmfao, you're a cancer to society. And by the looks of you, you're a cancer to your health. Have a nice day!

  2. @KingJames you won't make it back to the whitehouse fam. ???

  3. MY NEW ALBUM ... Let the FINGERS Do the Talking https://t.co/oXpZM7iq1p #Spotify

  4. X*Cell & Creative Business present... FKB$ - FILTHY! Ft. Creative Bizz https://t.co/reXtOnVnVZ on #SoundCloud

  5. @FCHWPO this (a Ford Econoline) would have been the mystery machine https://t.co/70KQvzdaoP

  6. @lildickytweets, @asherroth, and @MacMiller should make an album with nothing but Hall & Oates samples... and call it #QuakerOates

  7. Atop his tower, #Drake is scoping out new ghost-writers in the city of Toronto to help his sorry rapping-ass get back on track. #Views

  8. RT @B4yaGrecyaself: It's Saturday night...put @XcellNoah and I in rotation https://t.co/MkSDH37nD0

  9. @tmilla919 how the songs coming along for #TheBoardMeeting ?

  10. RT @B4yaGrecyaself: Make sure you check out my new track off my debut work 3T4P ft @XcellNoah https://t.co/IJRYQhRS6p #thebizz #CB

  11. #KawhiLeonard #LaMarcusAldridge

  12. RT @RickandMorty: We're writing season 3. What are you guys doing today?

  13. RT @jordankeyser: ?? @xcellnoah @ Foster House Studios https://t.co/684MqPQHwR

  14. airjordank's photo https://t.co/5kx1kvKVJG #BoardMeeting

  15. RT @RachelSantschi: Spurs have now won 13 in a row. Most 13-game winning streaks in NBA history: 1t. @spurs - 10 1t. Celtics - 10 3. Lakers…