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  1. Hey guys, very new to photoshop and a huge fan of a lot of the designs posted here! This is my second concept ever, and I was wondering if I could get some constructive criticism/feedback. I chose to re-design the Denver Broncos because first, I'm a die hard fan, and second, because I think their look is in need of an overhaul. What I did here was Eliminated navy from the color scheme entirely, made the secondary color white, and for a good blend of modernization and tradition, I made the trim the royal blue Denver used to wear in the seventies and eighties. I gave them white helmets, and changed the logo to an exclusive orange and white scheme, with the exception of the eye. A few things I'd like advice on: Sleeve stripes, yes or no? I feel like the pants need something but can't quite put my finger on it. Helmet stripe? Is the logo too minimalistic? And finally, sock stripes, yay or nay? Here it is, hope you guys enjoy it: