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  1. @Pulv! Thank you for your thoughts. I agree, I think the beda font is old yet readable. One other font that I’m not yet ready to give up on however is the kelmscott font. I think it meets the same criteria, with perhaps capturing a bit more of a Nordic/Scandinavian feel. Even if the name suggests it to be more British/Scottish inspired. I think I’m narrowing the font down to these two. Please everyone tell me which among these two you like best. I have also made adjustment to the ski dimensions. @Pulv!I certainly think you where right about the scale of the skis. I also really liked your idea of putting them more behind the shield. I think it helps bring them into the logo as a whole. Before they kind of felt like an after thought, just added on top. Floating above but not really fitting in. What does anyone think about the look now? Has the scale of the ski issues been fixed and does placing them behind the shield bring them more into the overall design? And finally, I’ll once again ask please let me know which of the two finalist font styles do you like best?
  2. @MJWalker45 Thank you for your imput. With it in mind I have tinkered with some things. First off I thickened the stroke on the letters over the shield. In the first version I kept the letter colors (black and white) the same but in the second I reversed them. I do believe already this is an improvement. I think I do like this font for the logo, however I did also look around for other possible fonts to work with this logo. I have below five possibilities: Seagram Cardinal JMH Beda Kelmscott Amperzand Personally I think the Kelmscott is a strong contender. Again please anyone provide thoughts and input.
  3. I seek your assistance. I am starting a project and seek the assistance of this community in developing it so that it may be the best it can be. To begin I present here the logo for the league. This league is not like most others on this board. This league is the Norsk Skihopping Assosiasjon (Norse Ski Jumping Association). The year is 1886. A little about the logo and its influence. At the center of it is a shield. The shield is styled and colored in the fashion of the Norwegian flag. In 1886 Norway was historically actually a part of a union with Sweden. As part of this union some slightly different flags then the one we know today flew over Norway. However, the flag of modern times had already been used before the union and was at the time the base for Norway’s flag as part of the union. Therefore, I stuck with this design because although Norway is at the time united with Sweden, the league is exclusive to Norway. The shield is supported by two figures. At left a Viking and at right a reindeer, both representative of Norway. Centered above the shield is a pair of crossed skis, representing the sport. Centered over the shield is the initials NSA, standing for Norsk Shihopping Assosiasjon. I am presenting the logo here in three forms. One brightly colored, one with saturated colors, and one black and white. This is a work in progress so please advise.
  4. Tuesday, May 14, 1878 – Bronx, New York Big news comes in the development of the PHPL. Henry Chadwick, owner of the New York Clippers, announced that his team will play their inaugural season at Jerome Park Racetrack in the Bronx. Joining them in that stadium for the first season will also be the Brooklyn Swats. The Swats are waiting for a suitable stadium to be built in Brooklyn. They anticipate playing just this season or perhaps next as well in the Bronx before they can move to Brooklyn. Both teams also unveiled their logos. Jerome Park Racetrack (Bronx, New York) New York Clippers (1879) Brooklyn Swats (1879)
  5. Monday, May 6, 1878 – Chicago, Illinois In 1878 the sporting goods equipment and retail business of Albert Spalding was thriving. As his wealth began to grow due to the business of sport, Spalding looked for every opportunity he could to foster the love of athletics in every American. Baseball was and remained his first love but his motive to diversify the love of sport caused him to look for other games he might elevate in stature. One game he found was the Swiss game of Hornussen. Spalding found the game fascinating and he felt that if he could get Americans to love the game as well it was one that would require its practitioners to purchase equipment; equipment he could sale to them. Thus Spalding resolved to organize a professional Hornussen league in the United States. He called the league the Professional Hornussen Players League (PHPL). He decided he would serve as the league’s first commissioner and he would sale four franchises. The charter of the league that he wrote stated that franchise owners would be fully proprietary, maintaining near complete control of their clubs. The first franchise he sold was to his friend William Hulbert. Hulbert was the owner of the baseball Chicago White Stockings. He wanted to name his Hornussen club the White Stockings as well but Spalding did not like this. He wanted his league to be distinct from any baseball league. Spalding suggested the name Pioneers to Hulbert and that stuck. Spalding remembered the name from the Rockford Pioneers, the first baseball team he ever played for. So William Hulbert’s team will play in Chicago and they will be called the Chicago Pioneers. The second franchise was sold to Morgan Bulkeley. Bulkeley was brought into the league by the suggestion of William Hulbert. He, along with Spalding and Hulbert, was a long time and early organizer of baseball. Bulkeley decided he would place his team in his hometown of Hartford, Connecticut. Outside of sports Bulkeley was interested in politics. As the league was organizing he was beginning to lay the foundation for his political career. Like many northerners at this time he was an avid fan of Abraham Lincoln and the 16th Presidents party the Republicans. In tribute to Lincoln, Bulkeley named his team the Hartford Republicans. The third franchise sold was purchased by Bob “Death to Flying Things” Ferguson. Ferguson was a player/manager in baseball and had worked for Morgan Bulkeley previously. He had also worked as a league director in the original National League. After purchasing his own team, Bulkeley talked Ferguson into picking up the third franchise in the league. Although Ferguson was very busy traveling with Chicago White Stockings at the time, he decided to place his team in his hometown of Brooklyn, New York. For a nickname he decided to dub his club the Brooklyn Swats. The name served as both an homage to his nickname as well as serving as a fitting name for a team in a sport where players attempt to swat a flying flute out of the sky. Finally Albert Spalding sold the fourth franchise. He got sports journalist Henry Chadwick to take ownership of the franchise. Chadwick decided to place the team New York City and call the club the New York Clippers. He gained inspiration for the name from the magazine that he was working for at the time, The New York Clipper.
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