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  1. I used to think you could get pink eye from looking at someone with pink eye #DontJudgeMe

  2. Anyone else see the # symbol behind the number?
  3. @ArnoldcommaJon consumer report?

  4. @StumptownFooty Valentin has been terrible

  5. Awkward......... https://t.co/vUTMtpRLyY

  6. @davisjsn No way he's the starter

  7. @TylerHuckabee https://t.co/B4xTmc2wy1

  8. @ericatuckeryo https://t.co/YSPJZ2buC0

  9. @mrmedina https://t.co/6Xtj40vevi

  10. @jonahfreedman @rapidsrabbi @MLSAnalyst good call

  11. RT @FACTmag: Kendrick Lamar to drop new album untitled unmastered. tomorrow: https://t.co/AM903gIdos https://t.co/sr4HuQIbYi

  12. @ericatuckeryo https://t.co/QeEO9n0y3E

  13. RT @SBNation: Stephen. Freaking. Curry. (via @TheCauldron) https://t.co/hlIYmVaUpO https://t.co/0wIsIhkn9h

  14. So Fuller House.....yeah.......it's..........well............. it's bad

  15. @MC_of_A Can you recall the biggest upset based on xG that you've seen?

  16. @NoPityVan What does the Champeones shirt look like?

  17. @amosfamily Look who finally logged in after 2 months!

  18. RT @bigtengeeks: Cool floor slap bruh https://t.co/pqTjW9XiuV

  19. @RyanRosenblatt doesn't have the fan base either

  20. @travisauruss *crash*.....*crash**crash**crash**crash**crash**crash*.

  21. @TYAC_Jon I would take him over Cahill everyday

  22. @WillParchman Just fix the logo

  23. @nathaliewarner7 it's never too early to see the future

  24. @ToriKelly is six days older than me, so its obviously meant to be #right

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