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  1. The updated picture shows that the OKLA City patch is on a white Dodgers uniform.
  2. Oklahoma City Redhawks: "Big news coming tomorrow during Dodger Day! You're gonna want to be there to be the first to know!" They are also "re-opening" the team store.
  3. Damn, swore I saw AHL too. I'm losing it.
  4. Dallas born and raised, and as much I as I want to like the jersey, I just can't. I don't think the bridge needs to be taking up that much of the skyline.
  5. My last community college used the "Thunderducks". Named after the creek that ran through campus.
  6. Hello, I'm currently working on a comic series with a very prominent Day of the Dead theme, that takes place in a city in the afterworld known as "Creation Lake". I figured I would have fun with their baseball team, using an Aztec theme. I went with Axolotl, named after a salamander sacred to the Aztec people. This is nothing too serious, but I thought y'all might find my drafts interesting. Here are the Creation Lake Axolotl uniforms. They are pullover style, and feature the slimy creature right under the nickname. Yellow is the dominant color, representing the great sun god. Red complements it, yet establishes dominance over the competition. And orange, for oranges. Hope you enjoyed, I'm planning on creating a rival to the Axolotl, and/or an away set and/or alternate. I'll keep y'all posted.
  7. I like the Wind badge and colors. I feel like they would fit in around here best.
  8. Here's a local shop that sells some OKC apparel :