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  1. This is a cool look for TB. Though I'd probably keep the original scheme, and throw in that orange jersey as an alt. Also, the Saints throwback doesn't have a nameplate.
  2. Really like the home/away set. The copper really gives it a fresh look, although I might consider either making the beak of the logo copper, or the stripes yellow so that it doesn't feel completely out of place. As for the fauxback, I would enjoy it if there wasn't already a team in that division with the exact color scheme, and almost nearly identical home uniforms...unless of course you've got other plans for the 9ers.
  3. Here's my two cents on what you've done so far: Giants: Update is perfect. Miami: Nothing too crazy, but overall is a solid look. Buffalo: A for effort on the helmet, but I just don't think it works. Everything else is on point, but too many pants options, and blue should be the primary pants for the away. NE: The stars & stripes things is a little too collegiate, and dare I say tacky for my taste. But I do approve of the removal of silver. Jets: The modernization is something I really think they need to do. Their look is quite stale in my opinion, and the new logo looks great. Only thing I would say is it needs shrunk a smidge, and I'd put a white stroke around the box that "New York" is in, so it "punches out" from the rest of the logo. Matter of fact, I'd probably do it to the jet as well to separate it from the border. Bengals: Update is alright. Not anything too fancy, but I do look the removal of the drop shadow outline on the numbers. Steelers: As a life-long Steelers fan, I have to say that I'm completely against this concept. There's hardly any remnant of the 5x Superbowl winning uniforms, and gray on white/yellow is anything but legible. I'd say to go back to the drawing board on this one.
  4. I really liked the original numbers you had on the Giants. Not really a fan of the update...
  5. Where'd you find that helmet template? I have an older version of it that doesn't look quite as good. Thanks!
  6. My opinion on these are that first off, when you added the orange to the pants stripe, it goes completely around the stripe including up at the waist line where the stripe extends from. I think you should get rid of it along that point...looks a little awkward. I also agree with the notion that the sleeve stripe should emulate the pants stripe in some way. You could put the "sword stripe" over top of the tradition stripes if you break them up correctly...sort of like what you did with the spear for Washington, except you wouldn't really shrink it down to fit into one color. Also, for what it's worth, the white pants don't look right with the creamsicle jersey because of the pewter sleeves. I would either make them orange to match the jersey, or stick with pewter pants for that set. (I would choose the latter, personally.)
  7. Wow, these look awesome. If they used these as a current alt, that would be fantastic, but of course the 1 helmet rule, and whatnot. Only thing I would really do here is add a second stroke around the logo on the sleeve that would match the jersey color to "punch through" the stripe pattern just so it doesn't get so lost. Otherwise, these are sick.
  8. Awesome concepts man. Keep going with this series!
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