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  1. Flip his tail so it is pointing the opposite direction (parallel to the foot) then increase body size by 25% percent. This will make the logo pop over top the word mark. Turn the Rugby ball horizontally in his paw so it looks tucked in between it and his body. Finally, decrease the star cluster size by 75% (ish) and move it to the negative space between the ear and the shoulder.
  2. As a huge Leas fan I wanted to do up a team scarf/banner. There are three options, the last one list each Stanley Cup winning year. It's nothing fancy but I would love some feedback. TML_Scarf2.bmp TML_Scarf.bmp TML_Scarf3.bmp
  3. Garren

    IHL 2017

    I was a huge IHL fan and saw many games. You are doing a great job, can't wait to see San Francisco!
  4. I disagree, this IS a concept. I think the title and focus of it is off a bit is all. The concept should be, re branding all NBA logos in a 1980's Pistons theme.
  5. UPDATE..of sorts... here are the new uniforms. Nothing special but I changed the striping from the old uniforms and added the ugly 50th anniversary logo
  6. As someone who hates LA's current logo and noting that it is the club's 50th season, I decided to spruce up the only logo of theirs I ever liked. It is the golden anniversary so I thought focusing more on that colour was ideal. I turfed the hockey sticks at the top as I always thought they were pointless, and dumped the "3D" jewels, then shaded in the suns on either side of the crown so it looks cleaner. I kept the 90' silver and added the "LA" from their current logo. Nothing major but I think it looks some what smoother than the original and a fitting tribute to the Kings colour scheme of the past. Please go easy on me as this is my first post.
  7. Still waiting for the reason why teams should wear white at home. Seriously, this appeal to short attention spans really baffles me every time it is raised. To answer the question, no. It is a good thing to go to the arena and see the home team wearing the home team's colors. You quoted the reason.. I personally don't want to see the same two colour uniforms at every game I go to.
  8. Yes they should and here's why. If you are a season ticket holder to say, the Detroit Red Wings and at every home game they wear their red sweater, that means their opponent must always wear their white sweater. In short, you have 41 home games where you see one team in red and one team in white EVERY SINGLE TIME! At least if the home team wears its white sweater then you have visiting teams with various colours so it does not look so repetitive. And PLEASE stop making the "they have to wear colours at home because third jerseys are popular" argument. Thirds are worn at most, 15 games a year.
  9. Not to be a ball buster but what about the Admirals??
  10. The alt is perfect!! it should be the Clippers primary. Best I have EVER seen for this team.
  11. LOL makes sense. I guess I'm not someone with a vivid imagination. I can't picture it un blurred :-P still, nice design
  12. It looks great but a bit blurry
  13. Today is the 140th Anniversary of the first ever organized hockey game, March 3, 1875 in Montreal Between McGill and Victoria. Since Hockey Canada is not officially recognizing the date, a friend of mine put together this crude yet pleasant logo.
  14. The one on the right reminds me too much of the Quad city mallards logo
  15. I love this one I didn't do that one.... stiil, it's cool. where's the H? anyway, Garren, thanks for the bump, and here are AMS and LLFH. I also made a Gif for the LLFH I may redo that one, I have other ideas. JM9 soon to come! I appreciate the effort but the links don't seem to work...Maybe it's my browser?
  16. Not bad.. what about an alt logo with a stylized SD? using the Ducks logo for the "D" part
  17. My son is trying to develop a logo using his initials for his 8th grade year book but its not going over well. I tried helping out but sadly artistic shortcomings seem to run in the family. Someone suggested that you might be able to help. His initials are "AMS" and he loves red, white and blue or blue and orange as colour schemes. Though I prefer memphis grizzlies or Toronto Marlies double blue and white. He also loves Greek mythology, when trying to draw up something for him I attempted to incorporate the god Hermes' winged hat but it looked like a run over chicken. Thanks if you can help
  18. On the whole I like it a lot but it reminds me a bit too much of this Maybe flip the Bee so it's facing right??
  19. Being from Ontario, I would say that Red would make a better primary colour. I like the yellow and green but it instantly made me think of Saskatchewan. Plus our flag is red.
  20. Looks great! But why not an Orange logo with a white trim on the teal??
  21. I would say take that great colour scheme and go in a new direction.. the Houston Copperheads
  22. The Battalion was a team I felt needed tweaking.. The structure here is not bad but I would suggest incorporating a poppy into the logo. Maybe at the front of the hat? And a dash more black
  23. The one with the black, red and yellow is AMAZING! It literally looks like the C is on fire. They should use it. Though If I may suggest, if possible add as well the "smoke silver:" that the Abbottsford Heat uses.