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  1. Thanks for the replies guys. Very good information and it's helping me get a better insight on what graphic design is all about. I'm not very good at drawing so will that have any effect on how well my designs will be or as with all things in life just practice and continue to get help and get better. I feel like I can come up with great ideas in my head but I just can't seem to get the ideas put down onto paper as I see them in my head. Also any help on places to find inspiration from. I search the web a ton throughout the day but I am looking for places dedicated to giving inspiration on primarily design stuff.
  2. Hi there, As you can probably tell by the topic I'm looking for some help in getting into graphic design. I feel for a start that I have a mediocre design background but I love sports and the designs that are a part of it and everyone starts somewhere, right? Being already graduated from high school, I can't take any high school art classes but I am looking at maybe going into graphic design for college. Currently I am a part-time community college student and there isn't much as far as courses offered at my community college. I'm looking for some advice on how to get started into making quality designs. What are some helpful tools such as reading material to help get me started? Any online resources that have helped? I think it could also be beneficial to me to hear how some of you have grown into becoming a design and possibly share the path that had led them to where they currently are. I have been using some of the freeware design programs such as inkscape and for a little bit on my own and am wondering if it is worth it get the Adobe products. If it is is there anywhere that can help teach me how to use such programs. I love sports and love design, so any help that can be given will be appreciated. If you need anymore information about where I am coming from to help me out feel free to ask me questions too. Thanks