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  1. Looks like the it's from the Ninja Turtles 3 in '93 Sorry my friend! Look up Haida art you need to fix the style.
  2. Wanted to share my 2 Clink room entries.
  3. I'll try the letters soon. What about the Elephant?
  4. You have to many spots. Try to get the back part waving like a flag. Love the idea my self!
  5. Ok I adjusted the contrast issue. My thoughts on the U-K or LHK are the same! What can be done?
  6. Hi all, I just wanted to get some opinions on this logo set i made for a fictional University. Any thoughts?
  7. Does anyone remember an alternate Argos logo that had a Blue A with a Gray Trident going through it?
  8. Back in 2010 I had come up with a Stars logo that had the letter S in the star. After the leak I was trying to make my old logo look more like the new Stars Brand. In the end I just said, would the Dallas stars logo have looked better with a S and not a D? I understand why the D was used, but lots of people don't like the blank space in the D. So here is my timeline that ended up to just be a almost Stars Copy but with a Twist? Haha. Timeline Final Enjoy Mike
  9. Ok so i didn't like the way my Heida Sun was looking, and like always! Simple is better. In Native fashion i used 4 Sun rays coming off the sun symbolizing the 4 direction, elements, and races. Also playing colours. Both retro colours. First the Midnight Royal Silver and Red. then the Black Gold and Red. Thoughts? Mike
  10. I like the thought of the mash up logos. Here is a Miami Dolphins Vs Vancouver Canucks Mash up. I would have tried to put this on a jersey, but I feel its too busy. Any input is welcome. Thanks Mike
  11. So here is a final set. Still playing with the "Stanley Cup" Style. Lots of lines and detail in them. So now with a "Finals" and "Champions" logos. Mike
  12. Thanks Glen. Didin't know anyone from the OJ was watching. I have another idea i want to try as well with the logo in the style of the Grey Cup logos. Ill up date when i make one.
  13. So along with working at a jersey company. I also do photography for the OJHL. I wanted to get come C&C on this concept. Its very influenced by the Stanley Cup Logos. Thanks Mike