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  1. This was an assumption by me, since we had metallic green helmets in the past. Turns out we are just using flat dark green matte helmets. They look pretty nice IMO. I don't know if the "metallic" helmets were a one hit wonder but you are probably thinking in line when they got new standard gloss finish helmets. As a 2007 graduate from that very school I know I never had metallic anything.
  2. With a bad photoshop the Bills have given EJ Manuel #3
  3. Travis Frederick will wear #70 for the Dallas Cowboys
  4. The soccer stadium was built with ample space to handle a football team There was an unused full locker room in what was open to media when it was only the soccer teams (KSU Women's and Atlanta Beat) and it is said that there is another grouping of lockers under the far stands. The was stadium was built it was made to accommodate and second tier of seats to fit with FBS seating rules.
  5. glad to see Southern University has made the transition to Arena Football
  6. The ice looks dirty almost--if that makes sense it looks darker in some spots
  7. the stars are above the crest for World Cup Victories or any significant achievement look at club soccer for example i don't think there is even a rule about it
  8. yea cause BYU really did well when they played Florida State; i wonder if they would do something where Auburn would wear blue and Bama would wear crimson
  9. I went to High School with Kyle...he is pretty amazing but this i feel is going to far...he is inspirational without a doubt and he has better penmanship than just about anyone i know (not a joke). but i dont want him to get in a situation where he could get hurt
  10. well in their case it maybe to let people know who the heck they are!
  11. The one that looks like it actually may have a shot is the new USFL in Spring of 2010...this could be a vaild option for players who dont get drafted or get cut to play there way onto a NFL team
  12. its really not that bad at all watching it on tv...the camo is pretty cool and navy's isnt that all bad either