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  1. A planet torn by war...and a hero torn by love! via #kindle

  2. New around here? Each month I mail a hand-signed paperback to someone who #RT's one of my book links. Look for 'em!

  3. Nice day to be hanging outside with the family.

  4. Begin your adventure today...for #free!

  5. Here it is a little early folks. Gunship: The Colony, which should release sometime this summer!

  6. A quote of the day for all of you browncoats: Ten percent of nothing is, let me do the math here, nothing into nothing, carry the nothin'

  7. Good night everyone. Spent the day working on my car and making it a monster again. Hitting the sack!

  8. Vampires, mafia and revolvers for your #Kindle!

  9. Feet kicked up, about to play some XBOX. Then it's back to #writing Gunship: The Colony in the morning.

  10. Did you know Gunship: Omnibus is also available on #nook?

  11. When our world needs a hero, and our hero needs a lover! via #kindle