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  1. A few comments: 1. This league is split with most teams being "out east"; as someone who grew up in the Hershey area, I know the east of PA is built up, but gotta give the Western PA folks more love than just Erie, New Castle, Pittsburgh, and Altoona. 2. The Williamsport sponsor bothers me; 84 Lumber is based out of Eighty Four, PA... You should have had a team out of Washington, PA and had 84 Lumber be their sponsor. 3. Still not sold on the Altoona Checkers name; that town is all about the Horseshoe Curve and it's railroading past. 4. Real New Castle? Nope. Also, CSX would be a better sponsor for them as they have a yard out there 5. Wilkes-Barre Express? Maybe. They probably should be referenced to the anthracite coal days; also CSX does not operate in that area of PA as Norfolk Southern operates that part with a few short-lines. 6. Pittsburgh Hammers... OK, but where's the "Yellow"... don't ya know that Wiz song "Black and Yellow"? 7. Hershey is probably my favorite... no one should ever mess up a Hershey team with the chocolate and park right there (ie: even "Hershey Wildcats" from the old A-League made sense since they were named after the Wildcat coaster). Overall, cool idea... maybe I'm just critical, but I thought when you really examined things, your names and sponsors and colors didn't make sense always.
  2. I agree with Jake3.roo, the Keystone needs to have a parallel bottom line in relation to the top 2 lines. If you are going to get rid of the "Flying P" logo but utilize the wings, then why not incorporate those onto the sleeves or shoulders? As a lifelong Philadelphia Flyers fan, I cannot fathom finding a more distinctive logo to define my team other than the current logo. I appreciate the effort, but I think the Keystone logo with the wings does not clearly define "the Philadelphia Flyers" franchise. Frankly, if they were going to change the logo, they would probably incorporate the Liberty Bell, 1776, or Benjamin Franklin (see Phillies and 76ers logo pages). Thank you for your efforts, but I just cannot see this logo being utilized.
  3. Wgeddes - Here are a couple DB ICE trains:
  4. Wgeddes: So far, I really enjoy this thread! I really like the effort in all of these kits. The Mainz and Leverkusen kits look sharp all around. I also find the Werder Bremen ALTERNATE kit interesting. I don't love it and I don't hate it. Why did you choose to use Green and Red like that? I think that is actually a cool idea as those 2 colors really oppose each other. I do think you do not need the chest inseam flairs on the Werder Bremen ALTERNATE with the way the front is. I am a FC Bayern München fan and own 3 kits (I would own more if they weren't so expensive). I have a 2007-2009 HOME kit, a 2009-2010 HOME kit, and a 2012-2013 ALTERNATE kit. Hertha Berlin is my 2nd favorite side from Deutschland. I am interested to see what you can do with their kits. Their kit sponsor is Deutsche Bahn and I would be interested in seeing an ALTERNATE or AWAY kit draw inspiration from the sleek high speed DB ICE train (InterCity Express). Keep up the great work.
  5. I really like the FC Bayern München AWAY and ALTERNATE kits. I really appreciate the usage of gray in the ALTERNATE kits, as I am growing tired of the black kits for Bayern. I am not sold on the HOME kit, as I do not like the gold diagonal stripes. I prefer the HOME kit to feature solely red and white. And one last "critique": I appreciate your effort, but please never use a Nike template for FC Bayern München; Adidas owns 8.33% of the team and will be the kit manufacturer for a long time. (FC Bayern München eV 75%, Adidas AG 8.33%, Allianz SE 8.33%, Audi AG 8.33%)
  6. The "Keystone S" logo is not official but is used on memorabilia with a contingent of supporters wishing to use such logo as an official logo; see: There is even a picture in the document "BroadSt_Bully" posted with the "Keystone S" and the year 1910.Interesting choice with the interlocking "PS". Penn State Baseball uses a similar concept. Great effort to try and "unify" the fonts used by Penn State.Your "PS" outline in white needs to be thicker. It gets "murky" on the helmet.I appreciate the attempt with using gray; but I do not like it on the helmet. The gray makes the helmet look dirty.I despise the "Nike Collar" on any uniform and especially Penn State's.I do not think Penn State needs 2 color collars.I am not sure I like the white cuff on the sleeves.The pant stripes look good on your concept; in old photos Penn State used to feature a solid blue stripe on their pants.Well done. Overall, I like your attempt. You didn't do anything "crazy" but modernized the current look slightly. As a Penn State Alumnus, I am torn between the traditional plain look or a complete rehaul of the brand. Could you try removing the gray on the helmet, having a solid blue collar, and adding a gray based alternate jersey?
  7. I like the slimmer looking Block S. It allows for a distinction between the Michigan State S and the Penn State S. Not sold on the gray outline, but I applaud the attempt of the gray because it is a defacto tertiary color (see the branding guide / numerous non-football uniforms). I don't hate the font used for "PENN STATE", it is better than the generic font used today. I do not like the NN combined. The ST combined looks good though. I also like the vertical alignment of PENN STATE as it looks good stacked. Personally, I prefer the PENN STATE font to be like the font in the picture below:
  8. I would like you to revisit the Germany Football Jersey. I do not feel the Vegas Gold is appropriate. Die Mannschaft has worn the Vegas Gold, but I feel it was because the kit designer felt the yellow would be too overpowering. Also, if you are going with Die Mannschaft kit colors, then you would have to go with a green away jersey... tradition (the color of the Deutscher Fussball-Bund). I am also not a fan of the sleeve stripping... Now, to truly represent the German National American Football Team, you will need to understand some great history... As boring as it may seem, Germany has roots to the colors black and white (which, is a truly beautiful representation of their national history from 1900 to present - just visit a city like Berlin and you can almost feel the history). The Deutsches Reich had a flag of Black/White/Red (top to bottom). It should also be noted that most of northern Germany belonged to Prussia, whose flag was black and white. The Weimar Republic seems to be the first to use the Black/Red/Yellow (top to bottom) flag that is currently used. Now to be mindful of Germany's past (ie: the 1933-1945), the national flag was nearly the same as the Deutsches Reich flag (Black/White/Red)... So... The colors should be Black/White/Red, maybe Yellow, and Green (for the away, if you must pay homage to Die Mannschaft). Finally, be mindful of the wonderful Coat of Arms many of the German cities and states have. If you truly want to represent the whole nation, use the Bundesadler. However, if you want to go with another animal or "mascot" since the USA has it's Bald Eagle, check out the Coat of Arms for the cities and states of Germany. I am especially fond of Berlin (bear), Stuttgart (Porsche anyone?), München (almost my image... Monks), and Ingolstadt (fire breathing dragon). I hope you are able to make some large changes to create a great uniform like many of your others. Thank you for being open for critique! I could not design such amazing jerseys myself...
  9. I see some pretty awesome and interesting designs on this forum. I want to see what type of creative (or un-creative) ideas you all have with Penn State Football's uniforms. I am interested in seeing all sorts of ideas from mild to "crazy". I want to see a home/away/third jersey. I am a Penn State Alum and lifelong fan (started going to games at 3 years old). I never thought I would want to see changes, but I have now become open to changes. Part of the reason is because of everything that went down with Sandusky. The other part is because I watch PSU sporting events and I see a terrible inconsistency amongst the "Penn State brand". According to the style guide ( gray is to be only used as an accent. However, both Men's and Women's Basketball have all gray 3rd jerseys + Men's Lacrosse has a matte gray helmet + Men's Volleyball used to wear gray shorts (with white or blue jersey's) and more. Therefore, you may use gray anyway you want (because PSU really doesn't know what they want gray to be). I also think black and pink could be used (as those are the original school colors). So, let's see what you all can do...
  10. OK. I am giving my opinion as a Penn State alum and lifelong fan. I personally have 2 polar feelings with the football uniforms --> The university should forbid any changes and everything stays the same (plain jerseys, no names, no "chipmunk head" logo on the collar, etc.) and numbers may or may not be returned to the helmet (but navy facemask... forget the gray). My other opinion is completely forget the old and start with a new look; the bolder the better. Personally, I think your concepts are too "respectful". Now, one thing to be aware of is the PSU Licensing Guide ( I know these are your concepts, but be aware that Penn State will not deviate much from their color schemes... We might be able to accept drastic changes, but you better not mess with the colors. That said, gray is not a problem, maybe the shade needs changed, per the link above. Another personal opinion is that sleeve stripes are not necessary as many jerseys are cut differently, so for a cleaner team look, the sleeve should not have striping. The collar... I do not like different color collars as many of them aren't terribly visible around the shoulder pad. Personally, I would like to see some people get creative without being respectful of the current uniforms. So I will challenge you to try again.
  11. You probably saw the Keystone S idea from Anyway, I am a fan of the Keystone S. The current logo (I call it the "chipmunk head") is good and timeless, in my humble opinion. Apparently it has been around since 1983. Personally, I do not think any rebrand other than the above google doc would be accepted by the PSU community. See, in ~2001, PSU tried to introduce that "fiercer" looking lion and font and people did not like it or purchase items with that logo on there. So... How to make your logo better... Forget the 2001 logo. It looks too much like PITT's "otter" Keep using the Keystone and an academic looking font... The "S" almost made a comeback in the late 1990's, but the 2001 fierce lion slowed that momentum. So a Keystone with the S is great. As for another logo... keep the chipmunk head but adapt it into the keystone or something like that...