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  1. You misused it, but you continue to post concepts with it? I'm asking you to stop using it. Unless your intent is to sell it, I don't see what the problem is...
  2. You get so defensive when people don't like your designs and then the only to things you comment are "who's next" and "not funny". Are you 5 years old?
  3. Spectacular! You are amazing at this hand drawn stuff!
  4. grant1woods

    NFL expansion

    The font of the "Los Angeles" is a little to complex to fit in. I would simplify it a little.
  5. "Bowling and Speed Stacking... my two favorite sports" said no one ever
  6. I doubt this, the player number and name can be on the jersey...
  7. grant1woods

    NFL Wallpapers

    Could I have one of Tom Brady (3200 x 1800)
  8. I think that the rainbow in the second variation makes the uniforms one thousand times better!
  9. St. Lucia and St. Vincent are spectacular!!
  10. Both the logos are not as good at the current logos. Just saying. Also, on Arizona, use a font for the words.
  11. These are spectacular. I think I'll start watching that show now.
  12. No, no, no. I love the collar. It's fashionable, and represents the country quite well. I also don't think the crest belongs in the center of the uniform. Also, get a new template.
  13. Uruguay over South Korea (the South Korean tiger seems a little too cartoonish for me. the simplicity of Uruguay with the sun thing on the jersey wins it) Nigeria over Netherlands (although Netherlands is beautiful, the Nigerian concept is soooo amazing and creative that it can't lose)
  14. Mexico over Uruguay South Korea over Bosnia Netherlands over England Nigeria over Russia