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  1. Here's what's going to happen, Sparky. If the Seattle NHL Franchise announces a name/logo package that's not any of these, I'm going to get disproportionately upset. Love the plaid jersey.
  2. I kinda dig it. I'd prefer the guitar bit to be more abstracted, but I think this could be revised into something really cool.
  3. A fleur-de-lis is supposed to have a "belt". Maybe the issue is the relative weights of the halo and the rest of the fleur-de-lis?
  4. Jags update is solid. Very good work. and given how little the Titans visual catalog provides, Id say the Tennessee version is pretty darn good.
  5. These are so ridiculously good. I'm literally scrolling through the new posts, lauging at how you keep topping yourself. SEA and LAC are perfection.
  6. Holy cow these are phenomenal. Love the Chi/GB matchup.
  7. First, I love this concept and the execution thusfar has been almost flawless. However, looking back through the set, the Browns Gal doesnt seem to fit with the rest. The other pics are all very cheesecake-y, where the Browns, for whatever reason, doesnt seem to fit that aesthetic. I'm not sure how one makes a chubby elf more like a pin-up. Maybe revise it to make her less Brownie and more Dawg Pound? Maybe just ditch the elf features and have a gal in the brownie pose? really, its probably nit-picking, but just my two cents. Look forward to the rest of the series.
  8. I can't speak to the design merits of the full body Bills' design, but using Zubaz is a stroke of friggin' genius. I associate those pants with the Bills' glory years and its a very cool association (and visually interesting)
  9. Fuuuudddggggeeeee -- that's a dang fine lookin' Goldy!
  10. The eye on the Notre Dame logo sticks out for me. Perhaps thin the stroke on the lower curve of the eye? Right now it looks, to me, like he's wearing mascara.
  11. I've watched this thread for a bit and I think my issue is, that minus the V, the volcano logo doesn't really stand on its own. The only real parallel i can draw here is the Colorado Rockies mountain logo. Absent of any type, the logo is instantly clear. Looking to Google Images a bit, I think any Volcano logo would need more contouring on the slopes to create 3-dimensionality and a more active cone.
  12. Yeah. I lightened it from the navy in the alt but might gon back.
  13. just bad attention to detail on my part. I'm not enamored with the template, but i couldn't seem to find a decent .psd. Might just make my own template.
  14. They're both pretty good, but I think I'm still leaning to #1. I wonder if there's not a way to make the Ohio negative space even a bit more subtle than it already is? And I'd like to see it with the ascending serif like CLE uses on the current block C. False. Cincinnati is in Kentucky.
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