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  1. Can I get Steve Nash in purple and orange?
  2. Some are good, and some make me want to cringe. For example, the current Pistons logo stuck on there like that, same thing with the Rockets logo, Heat, Hawks.
  3. 1. What template are you using? It's great! 2. Love the uniforms, but agree that you should use a lightning pant stripe. 3. You should make the flags bigger so we can really see where you got your inspiration
  4. Seconded. Change it to the lighter blue and keep just the eyes and tongue yellow. Other than that, it looks great!
  5. BuffsFan

    Browns Leak Tweak

    They don't work for me either
  6. It looks good! Something doesn't look right with the pants but I think it's just the template. I'd be happy if they put these on the field.
  7. I think it's a go on all of them except the Steelers. A little TOO detailed IMO.
  8. What I would say to do is simplify the headgear (is that what it's called?) the horse is wearing or remove it completely. IMO it just makes it look a little busy and that's not usually what flies in the NFL
  9. Finally someone else who likes the yellow and blue Rams uniforms