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  1. Hello everybody, my name is Lucas Carvalho, and this is my newest project. I decided to imagine how would the shirts of the First League Portugal, if they were made by Umbro. I hope you enjoy. facebook.com/starboxbr twitter.com/starboxbr
  3. I posted on the blog today the second part of the special. Check out the shirts of Bayern Munchen, Az Alkmaar, Atlético Nacional, Aston Villa, Brazil National Team and Columbus Crew. CHECK OUT THE FULL POST ON: http://goo.gl/ETwfym
  4. Thanks for the feedback. I'm planning another six concepts with the Lacoste brand for the next days. I'll take a team from each of the following countries: England Germany Netherlands US Uruguay And I will also use a national selection. Suggestions are welcome.
  5. Inspired by the work of my friend José Neto - follow him on Instagram: @jnetodesigns - I decided to use the Lacoste company to design football jerseys, wondering how it would be if the company was a supplier of sporting goods. A single pole template was made, inspired by the traditional striped shirts of the French company, and implemented in six different clubs in six different countries and two different continents. They were Flamengo, Inter Milan, Celtic, Real Madrid, Boca Juniors and Paris Saint-Germain. See all the work on: http://eleceathletic.blogspot.com.br/2015/08/lacoste-x-elece.html
  6. I understand your point of view, but in addition to the uniforms of umbro are simple, the aim of this concept was to test a specific template.
  7. Looking at the launch of the new shirt West Ham, I produced a template of Umbro and started doing a series of tests with him, and I was enjoying the results. And test in test, I ended up doing Umbro shirts pros 20 clubs in the Premier League 2015/16, all with the template of West Ham. The result you can check below. Thank you and until next post! C&C Please.
  8. Those who know me a while know that the company that I like to create for is Nike. Even missing a lot, Nike is still a strong company, and sometimes she does things that please me, as it did with the third Neon shirts last season, for its major European clubs. I got to do a project in behance had a nice rebound, making this style shirts for nine clubs in Latin America. Now I decided to make Nike neon shirts for the twelve teams that will contest the America's Cup which will begin soon in Chile. Some shirts were good, some shirts were horrible, but I tried to close the Nike would, and that my goal, at least I think I did well. See the post on my blog: http://migre.me/q9I7j C&C Please!
  9. It's great to see soccer represented here, even more so than you usually do excellent work. Loved the concept of Hudson, great colors combined well with Umbro. I liked the Boston Irish also found kits well set. Curious to see what you will do later.
  10. Second post with the full kit, and this time with home, away and third. And I have not seen better club to do it than my Flamengo. The post that started just because I had scribbled one third and thought it was cool, just coming with three kits that I really liked to do.The home was look-a-like with Celtic, I decided to go back with thin stripes, and with thinner stripes still in deep red within the red stripes. The shirt came predominantly black, and pleased me greatly. In the away shirt, I decided to stop it inspire me away in 81, but still made a very classical away from Flamengo, and pleased me greatly. Now the third ... To third shirt, I'd had an initial idea of mixing and dark blue and lime green. The result pleased me, but I was asking for some friends, moved from green to golden, golden to yellow and finding just the result I wanted. I hope you enjoy the entire collection, and by the next post.
  11. Today I come here with the second posting of the crossover series between football and NHL, and the team's time is the Winnipeg Jets. The first shirt was inspired by a very old mockup mine, of Toronto FC, and I tried to play with the two shades of blue. The second uniform was inspired by the traditional away of Milan, while the third shirt was made the molds of Galatasaray, and the colors of the Atlanta Trashbacks that preceded the Jets team.
  12. Starting crossover series between soccer and NHL, I bring here today shirts New Jersey Devils. I found the visual identity of very interesting team, and it comes in three colors I love working. At home, I tried to be more modern using a striped pattern and two shades of red. In Away, I wanted to bring a shirt with class, with a stripe on the shell height, inspired by the hockey shirts with a graphic in which well adorned with the red polo collar. And in the third uniform, half Paris Saint Germain, wanted to use green because it is a color present in detail some team uniforms.
  13. Man, I just made this template for the new phase of my blog, so I will not release it at this time. Maybe soon.
  14. To be able to work better and more freely my creativity, I decided to start this series of crossovers of NHL teams to football. I always enjoyed the visual identity of the NHL teams, and will do soccer jerseys, Home, Away and Third for each of them. The presentation that I will use is down here. This will be the template pattern for posting. Changes in the frame to fit alloy, and little change in the shirt template I usually use, the main one being the shift from "Victoria" to "Icestorm" shirt in the bar. The sleeve has the patch of the league, that just as the MLS, will change color depending on the team, and the font used on all shirts will be used by teams in real life. Well, I start with the series soon, and I hope you enjoy.
  15. Thanks for the amazing feedback from you! All mentioned teams were added to my list of WIP.
  16. Thank's bro, do you have some request?
  17. Hi guys! My name is Lucas, I am the blog Elece Athletic (eleceathletic.blogspot.com.br). There in the blog posts I make related to sports desgin, primarily focused on football, or "soccer". Not to be opening a topic for every post I make, I decided to open this, to be able to post my concepts related to soccer. I'm accepting requests for you. I hope you enjoy. Starting with 1860 München from 2.Bundesliga: Follow us on Twitter: @Elece Athletic Follow us on Instagram: @Elece Athletic
  18. Years pass since the founding of several clubs, and some of them have changed a lot since its early years to the present day. The shirts are what most change over time, but ever wondered what it would be the first shirts of each club were made to current standards? That's what I stopped to think, and tried to illustrate here. In this post, two clubs were portrayed: Manchester City and Manchester United. The shirt of the City, was originally made in 1884, at the time the club was still called Gorton, and the United was made in 1878 when the club was called Newton Heath LYR. United have sent a shirt in honor of this for some time, and the City also recently but still with the current shell. My goal was to try to combine fidelity the unique, with the current templates of each club. Do not miss it on my blog: eleceathletic.blogspot.com.br/2015/05/e-se-as-primeiras-camisas-fossem-feitas.htmlFollow us on Twitter: @EleceAthletic Follow us on Instagram: EleceAthletic