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  2. Kazakhstan Cherokee Nation Scotland Vatican City United States Beit Yosef Luxembourg Greece Canada Poland Norway Monaco Mexico Israel North Korea Djibouti
  3. Well, It was fun while it lasted. Kudos to the designer of Great Britan, If I'm getting eliminated, I'm glad it's by a really good one.
  4. Joester09

    Pro Curling

    Can't wait, just FYI. There should be a team in both Regina AND Saskatoon since Curling is the Provincial sport in Saskatchewan. Also the last few winners of the Brier (Canadian Championship, sold out arebas etc.) Have come from Southern Ontario and Alberta
  5. Can't wait. Although I'm likely making an earkly exit, it's nice to have it up.
  6. Wow, withholding my general dislike for Luxembourg (Husker knows what I'm talking about) that's a great design, I enjoy Setchelles as well. I have to ask, why are the Norwigan players not wearing crazy shorts like the Norweigian curlers wear crazy pants. By disling for luxembourg, I mean the country, don't like the country
  7. Yeah, OaklandHusker elped with the logo, I gave him the description of the logo and he helped since I'm not the best with logos, and I did the rest. Worth noting that we talk oyutside of the board and he brought me to the board. I dodn't just ask him out of the blue.
  8. My first *posted* concept. I just meant in comparision to everyone else's it's terirble, glad to get it out there though and thanks for the positive feedback
  9. Honestly, Mine's a terribad design
  10. Did you stick with Canada or go elsewhere? Stuck with Canada, thought about Tuvalu, but went with Canada