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  1. wesdog82

    CFL 2012

    Makes me think of the Calgary Sun when I see the new Stamps logo: http://www.calgarysun.com/
  2. We just got the Olympic Hockey Champions Hats in!! The women wore these last night and the men will wear them if they win as well. http://twitpic.com/15gpa1 What do you guys think?
  3. The Leafs will be adding stripes to the bottom of the jersey for next season. That is the only news I have got from my rep so far. The reason behind the Leafs currently not having a stripe is that John Ferguson signed off on the jersey thinking they were supposed to be tucked in. When he found out that they weren't being tucked in it was too late to add the stripes.
  4. Not a fan but excited to have another reason to go to a great ball park and have beef on weck!
  5. Louisville http://www.post-gazette.com/pg/images/200910/20091003pitt5_500.jpg BC Lions http://www.cfl.ca/uploads/assets/photo_gallery/2007/041217a.jpg
  6. Horrid as in just as ugly as the current ones, but different, or horrid as in even worse than what they have now, if such a thing is even possible? But a serious question for anyone who might know: What is the cap lineup for the Minnesota Twins? Is the M cap still part of the set? What about the red TC alt cap? There is a stripe down both sides of the brim from the side of the hat. Just weird looking. Has an NFL Sideline hat feel to it.
  7. Dang. Yay, not sure yet, and yay. Dang. Please post pics! Agreed. Pics ASAP PLEASE! This is making my day go so much faster. I'm down with the Giants hat and I think the Royals hat has potential. Can't wait to see how they messed up the BP hats now hahaha The BP hats appear to be the same material. There is a stripe that extends down the side of the brim. I forgot to bring my papers home. I'll try and post something tomorrow and give a better description.
  8. Majestic rep was just in. No changes for the Jays. As per New Era rep last night. New Giants hat with orange brim, Royals with powder blue hat and Twins with new Stadium Logo. The new batting practice hats are horrid. I will try and get some pics up later today.
  9. They are changing 100% for next season. I haven't had a look at the new style yet but my New Era rep has confirmed it.
  10. No Rocky Mountain Rage in the Canadian Hockey League. The Knights will be wearing a cream coloured jersey as there "white" jersey.
  11. They've been sold. Time to sell something new. The leaf is a brighter red with the logos embossed in a darker red. It doesn't look that bad. They will be released August 18th I believe.
  12. Finally got to see the 2010 jersey today. The jersey pattern is the same as the current Team Canada jersey. The logo on the front is the same leaf outlined in gold minus the skating hockey player. The left arm includes the Canadian Olympic Committee logo (the Hockey Canada logo is on the opposite arm but only on the replica jerseys) The logo is filled with a pattern that represents images of Canada. Included in the logo: stars for all of the Canadian mens/womens/paralympic hockey medals, aboriginal designs, a set of hockey sticks.
  13. If it relocates...Hamilton Steelhawks. I remember going to Hamilton Steelhawks OHL games as a young kid. What a name! Buuuuut....this is where my opinion comes in. I'm born and raised in Hamilton. I LOVE hockey. But, I do not want an NHL team here in Hamilton. I love driving to games in Buffalo where the tickets are a fraction of the price in Toronto. Tickets for a team in Hamilton will be a lot higher than Buffalo. We do not deserve a team here. We have not supported any hockey team that has played here. The Bulldogs won the Calder Cup a few seasons ago and can't draw a respectable crowd. Out mayor should take his head out of his ass and think about repairing our football stadium where we currently have a team playing in the CFL (not wasting his time on a team that doesn't and will never exist) where a set of lights crashed to the ground over the winter. Aghhhh I hate when this topic comes up every year at this time. I wish people in our city just supported what we already have. Rant over.
  14. Well this is a new one. Darren O'Day just came into the game for Texas. He is so new to the team that he is wearing Kason Gabbard's jersey on the mound. The announcers were pretty confused as to who was pitching! Does anyone remember a player wearing another players jersey during a game?
  15. I was watching Hockey Central on Rogers Sportsnet tonight and Roger Millons was previewing the Flames/Blackhawks game. The editor forgot to do his job. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V7mfpZvJ9IA...player_embedded