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  1. U.S.A.

    ...Lots of stars and stripes...


    I'd be happier if these were being worn over the current Nike disaster.

    Too bad you dont do Norway and switzerland

    These far outclass the real sweaters.

    I hate you Sparky. This stuff is brilliant.

    Thanks for the input guys.

    Sadly, I won't have the time gesier.

    However, It looks like my 'chunky-knit sweater' concepts were on the money...


    If they replaced that sweater with that concept the world would be a better place...and I'm not even american

  2. Probably the most requested one out of this series..The Nordiques from the WHA years all the way till now.


    1.)1972-1973 First year in the WHA

    2.)1974-1976 Second design Light blue changed to royal blue still WHA

    3.)1977-1980 Return to light blue with the white logo and Fleur-de-lis are added for the first time end of the WHA and start of the NHL era Nordiques

    4.)1980-1995 NHL era Nordiques light blue & Fleur-de-lis jerseys with the Classic red logos

    5.)1995-2000 Wolf design jersey Blue has became darker red was removed for black and 90's teal

    6.)2000-2006 2nd evolution of the wolf logo, teal is slowly phased out only appearing in the logo and shoulder patches

    7.)2007-2011 Wolf jersey version 3.0. Teal is totally removed on it's evolution the the edge jersey program

    8.)2012-present totally new uniforms are reveled for the teams 40th anniversary. the wolf is gone and the original logo come back on the 40th anniversary crest and home alt. jersey

  3. The black/silver/neon/white is different . Kind of like the Sabres in the mid 90's when they switched to Black/red/silver. As it stands right now there are 6 Blue/Red teams, 11 Blue teams, 12 Red teams and 3 Blue and yellow teams. I wanted to do something more stand out than another red/blue/yellow team.... besides in this series The Rockies still exist

  4. Scouts or Nords next?

    Go for the Nordiques next. Really wonder how long the proposed new logo (had the Nords stayed put) would've lasted. I don't think it would've lasted really long.

    My guess end of the 1990's but who knows look how long buffalo kept that awful smoking goat logo for