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  1. Yeah, just to be-clear - we're not 'representing', nor-commenting / posting 'on-behalf of the U', just.. we're doing some work for them, and.. we'd Love it if - somehow - JJ's killer-design could get used for it.. Now, neither He, nor we, have the 'ultimate-say', but.. We're sure interested in 'trying to make a case'! First thing, JJ and we will discuss / see how he would like to 'handle' presentation of the idea of using it, to be sure His rights / designs / concepts, etc are protected. Then, we can see if / what the U has to say.. Like he says, ^ - 'we'll see'.. but, we're solidly on the 'cheerleading squad'.. Stay tuned.. cheers..
  2. Hey JJ - First-off, I know this is a *wicked* 'grave-dig'.. But, came across this thread, while doing a 'Google search' for a UM Wolverines logo.. Are you still 'around these parts'? Lemme know - if-so, please reply here, and I wanna ask about 'where your logo went', if-anywhere.. We're working directly with the Athletics Dept. on a large-game coming-up, and wanna-discuss possible 'use' of your graphics in a, heh - pretty cool 'format' - Lasers. ...But, obviously, I cannot make *any* assumptions (on any-side..) and so, I think the first-step is talk to the Designer. FWIW, I have been a art-director / graphic designer for 26 yrs, (have seen a 'few logos, in-passing'.. and you've done an awesome job! Really-nice.. So, hope you 'get this message', asap.. Thanks, and cheers.. J