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  1. Internet Archive has paynomind's but none of the others: https://web.archive.org/web/20040423022301/http://www.cobaltcube.com/concepts/soccer_cow.gif
  2. eagle98

    WVU Logo Idea

    WVU's current "Flying W" logo sort of has a panhandle already, and the overall shape always reminded me a bit of the shape of the state. I wondered what it would look like if it really were modeled on the silhouette of West Virginia, so I drew up a rough sketch of it: (Disclaimer: The "West Virginia University" text is not mine. I just wanted to show how my logo looked as part of the academic logo. The helmet template is also not mine. If I remember correctly, I traced it from one of the free Paint templates on this forum many years ago.)
  3. For the red and white jerseys, I prefer the first revision, though I think the second revision with the ship on the sleeves is best for the creamsicle jersey.
  4. Using the Maryland flag in Ravens concepts has become somewhat cliche, but I think you incorporated it very well. This is one of the few Ravens concepts I'd actually want to see on the field. I like the first number font better, though. In your Steelers concept, I'm not a big fan of the inclusion of the red and blue on the sleeves. This is definitely one of the better NFL series I've seen on here in a while.
  5. This has been a very good series so far. I especially like the Giants. I think you have about the best resolution to their striping issues that I've seen. What I like about this series is that the ideas are unique but well-presented and not too out there.
  6. I'm not really a fan of the double red for Arizona. Your most recent takes on Tennessee and Tampa Bay look excellent, though.
  7. Very nice start. I like the Cowboys. My only suggestion would be to try incorporating the star a little more prominently. The Redskins look nice too, though there would probably be riots if they ever tried to wear this. Interestingly enough, this color scheme is similar to something I thought up for the Broncos. My only suggestion would be to ditch the bright red pants and make the top highlight on the spear yellow instead of white. The Eagles uniforms are a huge upgrade from what they currently wear. I think I'd get rid of the yellow beak (maybe make it silver instead) because it just seems a little out of place to me. Maybe also try incorporating a thin white outline around the numbers on the home jerseys. I'm really looking forward to seeing the rest of the teams.
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