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  1. Internet Archive has paynomind's but none of the others: https://web.archive.org/web/20040423022301/http://www.cobaltcube.com/concepts/soccer_cow.gif
  2. eagle98

    WVU Logo Idea

    WVU's current "Flying W" logo sort of has a panhandle already, and the overall shape always reminded me a bit of the shape of the state. I wondered what it would look like if it really were modeled on the silhouette of West Virginia, so I drew up a rough sketch of it: (Disclaimer: The "West Virginia University" text is not mine. I just wanted to show how my logo looked as part of the academic logo. The helmet template is also not mine. If I remember correctly, I traced it from one of the free Paint templates on this forum many years ago.)
  3. This would be a massive upgrade. The only possible tweak that comes to mind for me would be to experiment with adding hands to the clock face.
  4. Please export this as a .png or .jpeg so that you can upload the image file to an image hosting site and then post that. Right now we can only see the image by opening it in Photoshop or a similar program. That being said, it's a solid design, though I think it draws a little too heavily from the Timberwolves identity and from this year's Final Four logo.
  5. Let me ask you this: what program did you use to create these? Maybe these aren't identical to existing images, but they're awfully close. Your Nashville Spartans logo is clearly derived from this stock image. While you must have done some work to create these logos, they're close enough to existing images and logos to count as plagiarism. The bigger problem than how to cite where these images came from is the fact that nobody on here really cares about derivative or plagiarized work. Please try to make your own logos from scratch, and people on here will be glad to give you feedback to help refine your work.
  6. The second version (with the ship) looks sharp. I'm not a fan of the version with the flowers. Maybe it could be made to work if you simplified and reduced the number of colors in the flowers.
  7. This really doesn't seem very imaginative. Everything you have on the first image is just the recycled XFL logo combined with various other existing logos. I'd like to see you create an original league logo and also some original team logos. So far you seem more concerned with the backstory than with the actual designs. Also, please don't post links to that image hosting site. I'm getting pop-up ads from it even with an ad blocker installed. You can avoid using a link by just copying the IMG Code for Forums & Message Boards (to the left of the picture on the hosting site). Like so:
  8. I think that this would be a fantastic concept for a minor league team. I just feel that the name and design don't quite fit in the NHL. I think the H still looks a little disconnected. What if you made the width of the black stroke around the logo consistent and removed the silver outline around the team name on the beam?
  9. It's a good start, but right now it just looks like a generic raptor rather than an osprey. As timberwolf said, the beak should be moved in closer to the eye. Also, I think that the beak needs to be a little more hooked. Take a look at some good reference photos to get the exact shape of an osprey's head. As far as the shading goes, the osprey has a unique striping pattern on its head. There should be a thicker, more consistent stripe running from the back of the head to the eye and beak.
  10. It's great to see a template made specifically for GIMP. I downloaded the template, and it seems to work well. The only problem I've come across is that coloring something black makes the part solid black. Maybe you need to add another layer on top with a different blend mode. (I think you have to do something like use Screen rather than Multiply.) Other than that, it's a solid template.
  11. eagle98

    Tigers Logo

    This is definitely a big improvement. I agree with what was said about experimenting with the ear and adding a pupil. There is something else that was bothering me, though, and I think I figured out what it is. What if you removed the black line separating the red and yellow? I think there's enough contrast between the colors for it to work well.
  12. For the red and white jerseys, I prefer the first revision, though I think the second revision with the ship on the sleeves is best for the creamsicle jersey.
  13. Using the Maryland flag in Ravens concepts has become somewhat cliche, but I think you incorporated it very well. This is one of the few Ravens concepts I'd actually want to see on the field. I like the first number font better, though. In your Steelers concept, I'm not a big fan of the inclusion of the red and blue on the sleeves. This is definitely one of the better NFL series I've seen on here in a while.
  14. This has been a very good series so far. I especially like the Giants. I think you have about the best resolution to their striping issues that I've seen. What I like about this series is that the ideas are unique but well-presented and not too out there.
  15. I like it. It's modern but still retains enough tradition for the Browns. It's probably better than whatever they're actually going to release.
  16. It's not bad. I don't hate this as much as I though I would. A few thoughts: -I don't like the black outlines around the numbers. -The fonts are inconsistent, and I don't think either fits all that well with the rest of the design -Have you experimented with making the jersey dark blue instead of gray?
  17. This has been an all-around excellent series. I actually like the Buccaneers' new uniforms better than their old ones, but this is one of the best concepts I've seen that basically sticks to the old ones. I definitely think their old logo looks a little dated, though their new logo is by no means perfect. I've seen some mash-ups between the two that I've liked.
  18. I hate to say it, but there is literally nothing redeemable about this concept. The logo is stolen, the presentation is extremely sloppy, and the uniforms are unimaginative. Furthermore, proposing this as an NFL expansion team is absurd: right now, Reno has only a slightly higher chance of getting an NFL team than does Antarctica, and a stadium with a capacity of under 10,000 would never fly in the NFL.
  19. I was using Inkscape. The new .svg template looks much better. Thanks.
  20. Are we allowed to remove the "texture" on the jersey template (or at least change the opacity)? My uniforms look absolutely hideous with the overlay. Also, is there any chance we could extend the deadline a little bit? I know this is a very busy time for a lot of people.
  21. I really like this. My only thought would be to include just a little more orange into the uniforms.
  22. It's a nice concept. The only problems that stand out to me are the seal and the fact that the numbers are a bit stretched. (The width is different on the top than on the sides.)
  23. I'm not really a fan of the double red for Arizona. Your most recent takes on Tennessee and Tampa Bay look excellent, though.
  24. Spokane's logo is good, and I like the helmet, but I really can't find much of anything to like about the uniform. It's awfully generic, and I don't like the wordmark on the pants or the fact that the back of the pants is a different color.