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  1. Great job on Raptors Concept! Don't love the striping, I think the colors, nameplate and block lettering (love the college inspiration for that) are unique enough. Leave the striping unique to the Magic. Artur Wrona's Raps concept is the goat, but yours is the goat's cousin. Love this thread and very much looking forward to a Purple uni.
  2. Did anyone else think that the image of kentucky inside the basketball was a chicken drumstick?
  3. Great work here. Love the minimalistic concepts. Not sure why the home whites read "Boston" where they should read "Celtics". Looking forward to the rest of your concepts!
  4. Love the grey alt - i'm wondering what a San Antonio wordmark would look like though.
  5. I like the addition of the blue on the shorts and the alt. cream - I also think it's cleaner without the 'M' on the collar, but I think you removed the most charming aspect of the jerseys - the "rainbow" on the piping...
  6. Any more ? Really enjoying this thread..
  7. Great job! I love the tradition and simplicity. These look like unis of a professional league. Very sharp. Wish you had incorprated the herringbone court behind the Nets, like you did with the Celtics and their parquet. I'd love to see your take on the Kings. They're one of the first teams in the league - they should look that way!
  8. This is a good first step. With some better skills, this could be a great concept. Wouldn't mind seeing some Silver.
  9. LOVE the hat. I don't see a problem with the font - I like "MAVS" on the whites, but I do think "Dallas" should be on the Roads. As much as I'd like to see the navy with the Dallas Stars' green - I don't mind how you stuck with their current color scheme. 1. It looks like the hat is behind the 'D' of Dallas, and hanging on the 'M' of Mavs. I think it should be hanging on both. 2. The colors of the numbers should be the same on the front and back IMO. 3. I love the star on the front of the collar, but I think a V-neck would make it pop! Just a few suggestions, but I love the direction. Great work!!
  10. These new ones literally gave me chills. I hope they don't :censored: this up, like the Suns. WHY DON'T THEY KNOW!!??
  11. Wow. Best NBA concept I've seen in a while. I honestly can't decide which sets I like better, Neon Green or Orange... I'm actually curious to see what this would look like with Milwaukee's current colors - only maybe use not as bright a red.. maybe like the Heat Red. God I love that cartoon Buck...
  12. Absolutely gorgeous. I actually prefer the all reds. Great work! I'd like to see your take on some other rumored new NBA threads - Toronto, Dallas, Philadelphia and Minnesota.
  13. Wow. These are a huge upgrade over their current sets. I, too, would love to see these in Red and Gold. I'm also wondering what the side panelling looks like - does the stripe curve and connect to the shorts? As for the Coke ad. Ugh. Great work overall!
  14. Absolutely Fantastic. Color schemes are awesome - love keeping but improving the slight Silver trim for East, Gold trim for West. The NBA should really take notice of these (and all your work for that matter). Purple and Red is actually a great color scheme as long as they're not muddled by touching. Makes me wish the Raptors would re-rock these colors. Same goes for the Mavs for the Royal Blue and Green you've chosen. Excellent work.
  15. Please. Just stop. Please.