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  1. Been busy, but I've managed to find time to do what should be the final Bucks one, and do the Hornets.
  2. Thanks for the feedback guys. Made their home jerseys cream, and davidmiller5 was right, they do look better. Also changed to the hat logo to the standalone "m", because the partial Buck didn't look right. And for the black jerseys, I don't really like that leaked one, so I went overboard with the blue. Next up is the Portland Trailblazers: I have mixed mixed emotions on the sash, but I mean, it's iconic, so I have to include it. Thoughts? EDIT: I just realized I spelled CJ McCollum's name wrong. Whoops.
  3. Hi, guys! This thread may seem familiar to some people, because I made a similar one about a year and a half ago. Unfortunately, I tend to have commitment issues on projects like these, and promptly went and completely forgot about this site. Cleaning out my computer I found the old templates, and thought: why not start anew and make it better than last time? And even better: Why not get around to actually finishing? (Ironically, I have even less time to do these then before..) So without further ado, I'm starting off with something simple: The Milwaukee Bucks: I'm a huge fan of their redesign, and thought it'd translate well to baseball, being simplistic and all that. They don't exactly have an alt uni yet, so I decided to make a throwback to those Ray-Allen 90's jerseys. As always, constructive criticism is welcome, and very appreciated.
  4. Here's Brooklyn. I think Brooklyn's IRL alternate would be so much better if they were allowed to use the Dodgers script.
  5. Phoenix and Orlando Alts might be coming.. Probably in the next update. Anyways, here's Golden State. I give credit to JPDesign for the bridge design I borrowed, and I've also borrowed the trolley design from these forums.
  6. Welcome, this is my first ever concept, and I'm just getting my feet wet with concepts and coming fresh from a beginner's photoshop class at my high school. Anyways, I saw the NBA to NFL thread, and got inspired by that thread to make this crossover. SOME BASIC THINGS I WANT TO SAY: I haven't really watched or payed attention to baseball, so these may not look like traditional baseball jerseys.Most NBA logos can actually be replaced with a baseball, so I feel like I can get away with unmodified ones. Some, however (ex. Miami Primary) won't work at all, so I'll avoid ones like that.I've done a Home and a Road Jersey, and may come back to do Alternates.I'll try to post a West/East concept in every update.Updates may not be constant.‚Äč So first up, we have my Phoenix Suns. I wanted to put the Sunburst on their jerseys in, but thought it would be too weird. Should I have? Next up is the Orlando Magic. I like this one, because it reminds me more of a baseball jersey and is decent imo. So guys, any constructive criticism? Should I continue? Any team suggestions?
  7. Sorry for bumping this, but I'm gonna add my name to the list of people who will get the .psd of this. dcybertron@gmail.com
  8. If they were going for the ugly sweater look, they certainly got the ugly part right.
  9. Looks awesome. Only thing I would add is purple on the torso, maybe at the collar. And did you raise the Phoenix wordmark? If so, looks good. That's my main beef with the road jerseys, the Phoenix is too low. Great work! I didn't do anything to it, just recolor it. Anyways.. Purple added to jersey, because there is none whatsoever..
  10. First time here, but as I've said elsewhere... I think it would look good in black. So today I mocked it up.. and here's the result. I got lazy once I got to the shorts.