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  1. my guess for the penguins stadium series, it would look better without the yoke trim
  2. I cant see it being CCM since Rebook holds all rights. It will be an updated Edge. Mark my words. I hope not. The WC uniforms are CCM cuts, right? If they put the eggplant throwback on a Reebok EDGE, I'll think of the crappy shoulder patches and weep. Nope winter classics are edge cut
  3. Only the retail versions of the WC unis are CCM cuts, the game worn jerseys are EDGE. Uhhh no winter classics are reebok edge cut jerseys, I have blackhawks and Red Wings winter classic jerseys and have seen many more, the only ccm cut jersey I have seen in the past 7 years is my Montreal Barber pole jersey
  4. Sorry if I am late. Reebok needs to get out of the NHL. Adding to the list of boring neo classic looks.. Teams with no shoulder yoke and "only couple stripes" SJ DAL CAR VAN TOR NYI CHI Up next: MIN FLA PHI Who else? League of lookalikes. I'm pretty sure that reebok isn't the one designing all the jerseys pretty sure the teams do that so who cares who manufacturers then
  5. i think your right now that i really look at it, it looks like one of those free shirts they give out before the games for a white out or something hhaa
  6. I love the roundel too not all of them Tampa shoulder none is Ehh but I like the Minnesota one
  7. I love this one but I don't think they would ever go for it, also I'm a fan of the front numbers, not on all jerseys but they can look good Too Christmasy
  8. all those whites still look grey except the flair on the back of the jersey with the point
  9. That's all the Grey I have on there, the only place that is not shown in the pics that I included Grey is the bottom hem
  10. my guess for the buffalo 3rd jersey Would love feedback, actually first jersey concept I've ever done
  11. Well, that is what we're hoping happens so they cant use it on ice. (post it on an image site then copy URL into the picture icon when writing/editing the post) what is ice and any site in particular that is good? icethetics? cause i sent it to them too and its supposed to go on their site soon too
  12. my guess for the new buffalo 3rd jersey cant put my pic in how do i put it on
  13. This is the elbow striping, the black stitching is the reinforced part