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  1. Pittsburgh Bandits Houston Apollos Tampa Bay Barracudas (already posted, but I've had that name for a while) Chicago Crush Minnesota Lakers Boston Mariners Columbus Aviators
  2. Foppa

    NHL 90's Remix

    That Rockies uni screams "Rocky Mountain Extreme". Pretty cool series, I'm always a sucker for 90's stuff.
  3. Looks awesome. The 90's midnight blue jersey don't get enough love, honestly.
  4. Looks good, love the green home jersey.
  5. Seeing this thread for the first time, this looks awesome. Love the first Wranglers concept.
  6. Love the design, Avs blue works better than navy though.
  7. Flames and Sens look amazing. I've seen your concepts on Icethetics before, awesome to see you're still doing these.