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  1. Request: Susquenita Blackhawks (central PA) orange and black.
  2. C'mon Espions! The Busters can not win this.
  3. These are awesome, they look sort of like Bluefish.
  4. That Boston Beaneating Red Sox logo is supposed to look funny, right? Because that thing is hilarious!
  5. Don't add the mouth! That bull thing looks good as it is, some things are better simplified.
  6. After this season I'll be rooting for the juice (or whatever the team with the orange as a logo) alongside the Superiors.
  7. Much better! I really wasn't digging the light orange, but this feels much more hmm. fluid? I mean the use of the colors are more consistent from helmet to uniform to pants to socks. Well done!
  8. Harrisburg baby! REPRESENT.
  9. I like everything about this, but boy oh boy is that font ugly.
  10. So basically, Blockbusters shall die no matter the opponent? Exactly!