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  1. I love all these, the only one that didnt satisfy me 100% was the Marlins, if it was me I would try more of the brighter orange if possible I really am excited for the brewers, I think the Ball in Glove logo would look awesome, but do youre thing and keep rocking these excellent jerseys out!
  2. beautiful, I love how taking away the detail really shows the true logo itself
  3. This is one I did a while back for the Packers. I am going to redo this but this is an idea for a blaze orange look, what do you think, how could I touch it up?
  4. Sounds good, now how extreme should I go? The full out blaze orange/camo are keep it a little calmer?
  5. Of course, do you think I should just do the whole league or specific to the areas where hunting is big?
  6. these are so 90s, I would love to buy them!
  7. Hello everyone, I have been a HUGE fan of the NFL since the day I was born and I have also been an avid hunter for most of my life. I always thought it would be cool to have a group of jerseys for the states that are HUGE into hunting (Wisconsin, Minnesota, Texas, Illinois, Kansas, Colorado, and others). I would like this great community give me some ideas on how to make these uniforms awesome. Yes I do know the NFL have the wood camo jerseys but these would, hopefully, be used on game day. Here's a list of what I'm thinking: Teams: I already named off the states I feel are a large state when it comes to hunting, add more if you think there should be more. Color: Should it still be team colors or use some blaze orange and camo Style: Use the style the teams use or a new style to the jerseys Other: Just some more ideas of what I could do differently! Thank you all for the help!
  8. The shiny silver may look good with the Cowboys, but I will agree to the above grey is very iffy and very hard to pull off as a jersey number.
  9. I'm starting to get very interested in the Packer's Stormtrooper look, so far I love all of them, excellent job so far!
  10. JW if you'd be willing to change up the team a little, I'm wondering if you could have the suits, diamond, clubs, hearts, and spades, as the helmet and/or pant strips be the suits, either correct colored, red and black, or just have the outline of the suits
  11. I do like the Idea of the red and black, being the suits and that, but the green and gold i feel goes really well with the idea of everyone's hope of winning big, it could be an alternate jersey, if the NFL2 would have Alt jerseys, but for now I love the idea.
  12. Being from the Green Bay area I am really interested in this, I know Wisconsin doesnt have a HUGE population and basically everyone in this state loves the Packers, but they said everyone in Texas loved the Cowboys. I would love to see a team actually come to Milwaukee, this is a very great idea. Great rivals could have happened, thank you for finding this