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  1. We're still just waiting on the approval process before we can officially contact the winners. Hopefully this will be resolved soon.
  2. Try to upload what you can. Just make sure at least the logo is in PSD or AI format.
  3. It's important. The other thing that is essential is to upload the correct file formats. We've received a ton of bitmaps that we cannot use. I don't care what format the uniform designs are in. I just need the general idea if I'm going to add them to the game.
  4. Hey guys...just wanted to let you know that we're extending the contest deadline to Monday night for those of you that had issues submitting your concepts last week. Good luck and keep up the great work!
  5. Sure. It doesn't even have to be Black Knights. You could do 'Los Angeles Knights' or 'Dublin Crusaders' and it would be fine.
  6. Awesome stuff, guys. I'm Josh Looman, the senior designer for Franchise mode and Relocation in Madden. Just wanted to make it do not HAVE to stick to the names we have now. If you want to come up with a completely new mascot for a city, feel free to. We're open to all submissions.