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  1. I like it a lot, but I do agree that you should try with the logo the Rangers used in the winter classic.
  2. I actually like the Steamrollers jersey the best. Its a nice Black and Red combo.
  3. Oh and BTW did anyone realize that Canada is the only one to have an alternate jersey?
  4. I like Latvia's and Norways. USA's aren't that great but it is what it is I guess. IMHO The USA should have used a different logo. The U S A would have worked better IMHO.
  5. #1 is my favorite to #32 which is who I hate Ravens Seahawks Dolphins Panthers Packers Eagles Buccaneers Bills Jets Jaguars Giants Cardinals Raiders Vikings Bears Rams Chiefs Cowboys 49ers Saints Steelers Lions Redskins Titans Falcons Colts Browns Texans Bengals Chargers Broncos Patriots
  6. I like the update much better than the original.
  7. I do like the simplicity and the roots of the tradition stripes. Good job.
  8. I like it without the stick and puck. But that's just me lol.
  9. All of the jerseys look great! Being a Ducks fan of course I like the Ducks one the most lol