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  1. I enjoyed this little series, have you thought about doing a "Lisandese Premier League" type of thing?
  2. I wouldn't might seeing an all neon look for a night game once a season. Call me crazy.
  3. Daaaaaaaamn, this looks ridiculously well done. The looks just a little too dark and shiny, but I'm probably gonna use this for Madden 15 when it comes out.
  4. 1. Shanghai, China 2. Lagos, Nigeria 3. Istanbul, Turkey 4. Karachi, Pakistan 5. Mumbai, India 6. Moscow, Russia 7. São Paulo, Brasil 8. Seoul, South Korea 9. Jakarta, Indonesia 10. Kinshasa, DRC
  5. ^ Truth
  6. BTL

    NCAA Club Soccer

    Both of Baylor's kits look amazing.
  7. Is that weird diagonal stripe pattern supposed to be like a light reflection? Or is it an intentional striping design?
  8. BTL

    NCAA Club Soccer

    I have been wanting someone to do this for a while and actually considered doing it myself, but this looks much better I could have done. Especially Kansas.
  9. I love that idea for Oregon. I'm kind of disappointed you didn't make a silver one, a green with a yellow facemask, a yellow with a carbon facemask, white with green facemask, white with yellow facemask, white with carbon facemask, carbon with yellow facemask, an all-pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, as well as a pink with a white facemask, a white with pink facemask, and a black with a pink facemask (What did you expect for them to wear for the rest of the month, the same one? They aren't heathens you know). Simply put... unprofessional and nothing like Oregon at all. Why do I waste my time with this trash.
  10. Are you waiting for feedback, or just finishing the template still?
  11. Thanks for taking my suggestion, but like Giants1883 said, the mountain should be bigger with no outlines.
  12. I agree with Whittier about bumping up the font a little bit, make the "2016" fit perfectly into the space that the GG leaves. And truthfully, that font is really bad, it doesn't fit in well at all, I would change it something that looks a little more like the GG.