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  1. Caught snippets of this elsewhere(Dribbble, etc). Final outcome is awesome, as expected.
  2. Your most recent version is certainly an improvement. Way less busy around the edges now. The silhouette is pretty nice. Totally agree the mouth needs to go. It's a little small, for one, and a dude with that much thatch on his face is going to have it covering his mouth anyway. The idea someone mentioned to perhaps just indicate where the bottom of the 'stache would be with a shadow is a good one. I'd try it and see how it looked. Or if not that, perhaps a graphical representation of gnashing teeth under a 'stache. Wouldn't necessarily have to stay within that little "window" between the cheekguard either. It could overlap. (Looking at it again, maybe that's what you were going for with the current mouth? I get more of a "I'm smiling" vibe.) Only other thing that jumped out at me were the little gray pieces on the sides of the sword hilt. When I look at logos(particularly sports logos) I ask myself "Would this reproduce well on a variety of media/items." I get what you're going for with them, but those little grey nubs would totally disapper on a lot of applications. There even pretty hard to see here, actually. I'd opine that you find an elegant way to make 'em bigger or you get rid of 'em altogether.
  3. Oh, make no mistake, I posted it because I liked the album art. I've never listened to a single track from the album.....that I'm aware of. It's clearly no Weezer dog though. That pooch is just...I mean....c'mon.... How boss is that?
  4. Absolutely no way you can top a flying canine. Aboslutely. No. Way. Really liked this one the first time I saw it:
  5. Understatement, that. That thing probably frightens children.
  6. Pretty cool, man, even if they didn't choose yours. I had pretty much put two and two together between you staying quiet after I asked if you were involved and checking out your Dribble page. I think I prefer the blue treatment. Weird that I kind of accidentally bumped into someone attempting to revamp that here since, no joke, I've complained about it/half-heartedly told my wife that I should just contact someone at the OCS with a revamped version for, like, a year and a half every time we see it in any of the city papers, or on the news, or hear about them on TKS, etc. Guess I waited too long.
  7. Does that mean you're involved with it? Or just that we have to wait until Tuesday to see if they do, indeed, unveil and we can commence picking it apart?
  8. Finally! That "blob" of lions they've been using as an ID has haunted my dreams. I was actually wondering to myself while driving just a couple days ago if they were going to(hopefully) go for the full rebrand when they made the leap.
  9. I dig it, particularly the Away version. The Browns are one of a couple teams that can be difficult to get something that looks good without going so over the top that you know it'd never happen in reality. The wide stripe on the helmet doesn't give me any problems at all. Sort of like it as is(without the exterior white stripe).
  10. There's not quite enough contrast, in my mind anyway. Maybe try making the beak white?