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  1. People like to call it the "Flying Elvis", but I always thought it was a (literal) patriot missile. It least it made more sense that way.
  2. They might change next season anyway since their athletic program is set for at least one new mark ( If not, coonskin pattern around the collar/side panels?
  3. I dislike that the crown is so high as well. I do like that there's a black sweatband on the inside, and the material just feels more durable than their previous set. In general, about the sticker, the standard circle sticker is in place on the brim, but there's another one on top that pretty much covers the entire brim with a transparent part that shows the standard circle. I thought that they were together until the salesman took the top one off. New Era keeps their ear to the streets lol.
  4. We see eye-to-eye on this because I've had a similar idea not only for a secondary, but for a whole package. Good idea.
  5. I say go for the Dons again, if that doesn't trample on any toes.
  6. Those are insane (in a good way). I love how clean and sharp you've made their marks. The only slight qualm I have is with the numbers; they're a bit too revisionary, but they do sort of fit the shaping of the wordmarks, so it's minor. I love the B.P. uniform as well.
  7. Upon the first look, I was disappointed. But after reading the rationale for the new package, I liked it more. The way that the pelican is drawn looks like more of a sketch/illustration that would appear on a resort's pamphlet than a typical logo, and that works given the location. The MiLB is known for being unconventional with its names and logos, and this is just another addition.
  8. I'd actually seen a better version of the front where the "KFC" wordmark is, but I couldn't find it after finding it the first time. It took me a while to find it though. I was surprised to find out this has been up since April 2005, as well as the new logo.
  9. Those hats definitely look buyable. They may be my first MiLB purchase (gotta support the Tigers).
  10. Wow. They can make one for this Super Bowl but not last year's for sale?
  11. The Navy appears to have the shoulder-stripe Nike template as well: The Army seems to have newer possibly Nike jerseys (from the collar outline):
  12. Wolverines: Enlargening the wordmark to make it visible would probably be a task, but I'd like to see this on the basketball jerseys:
  13. I see St. John's wasn't having those template shoulder stripes.
  14. Tulane Green Wave (The slanted "T"...around '98/'99) Tennessee Titans (the "T"-sword...see a trend?) Winthrop Eagles Detroit Tigers (old English "D") Detroit Pistons Detroit Lions University of Michigan Michigan State University Oregon Ducks Anaheim Ducks Montgomery Biscuits For the last few, I mostly do concepts, not what they currently have.