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  1. Love it! Especially the use of mountains on the bottom. My only critique would be to make the Yukon territory orange on the brown away shoulder yoke, might make it pop like it does on the home.
  2. This is a great concept, but I think the arrowhead as the main logo would look sharper.
  3. As a Steelers fan, I will miss this Browns look. There was something so simple and classic seeing it against the Steelers.
  4. I like the "glow" of the nugget but it could be mistaken for a meteor. The "Nuggets" wordmark also seems a bit too 90's, but if you are going to use the 90's colors then I could see how that works.
  5. Soooo much better then the current Tampa Bay Maple WIngs/Red Leafs. Good show!
  6. Great logo. This is no knock on your work, but on the Padres for picking navy and white; the modern colors make it so bland.
  7. Interesting idea but seems kinda bland. I was not a fan when the Rays demoted the manta to a sleeve patch, and this ditches the Sun ray and the Manta Ray.
  8. That A's roundel unfortunately screams "black for black sake".
  9. Those squatch uniforms are so great I wish they were real so I could buy them immediately. Kudos to you for trying brown instead of green and blues like we usually see for Pac-N-West teams.
  10. So is it safe to say that the Yeti foot is gone? If it is I'm saddened.
  11. I like the out of box thinking but it looks a bit like Oregon State Beavers.
  12. As requested: More legible, but not requested: These are fantastic man!! Thank you so much and thanks for the "P" one also!
  13. Any chance you could do a generic "Pittsburgh" going across follwed by the Steelers logo, 90's Robo-Penguins logo, and 90's baseball diamond Pirate?