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  1. So like in the D-League, is one or two of the teams are going to be affiliated with an NFL team?
  2. Age: 17 Music Preferences: I like a wide variety. Rap (mostly old-school), classic rock, alternative to electronic music to metal. Music Dislikes: Boy Bands, like One Direction and most Pop music, and music with bad or lyrics that don't make sense. Clothing Preferences: Sweatpants, hoodies, T-shirts, casual clothing. Sports Uniform Preferences: I guess I'm mixed. With baseball, I like the traditional and wild uniforms. I like the Miami Marlins uniforms, and I like the traditional clean ones like the Atlanta Braves. I like the traditional ones in other sports like Basketball and Hockey. But I like those weird 90's uniforms like the Hawks one. Dislikes: Ones that are too flashy, like those Christmas sweater hockey uniforms.
  3. I wonder what their uniform alts would be, if they would have any at all.