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  1. Agreed. Oregon's apple green and silver jerseys just scream "Eagles!" in a way the actual Eagles uniforms haven't in a very long time. I thought the same thing when I saw those Oregon unis! As an Eagles fan its really frustrating. The official merchandise here usually looks tealish/blue and looks awful when paired with black. I usually wear my throwback jerseys. But Jefferey Lurie is dead set on Midnight Green. His initial reasoning was that it would "look too much like the NY Jets" of the time but its really because his wife disliked the color. When you think about it though, NO NFL team has a reasonably green helmet at the moment. I'm suprised no teams want to step up and own that. Thing is, though, I thought I've heard rumblings that the team is considering going back to the kelly. Is that not going to pan out, or what?
  2. You know, while we're on the subject, I think the Avs really need to bring back Howler the Yeti. Sure, they can keep Bernie, but bring back Howler to work with him. From everything I know, he was well-loved by the fans, and I don't think the fact that his performer got in some fight should have been a reason to drop him completely. They couldn't have just hired a new performer? Seriously?
  3. Nonsense. No team is ever too classy for a secondary logo. My Lakers developed the "L" ball about a decade ago, and it works quite well for them. Plus, look at Boston and their shamrock.
  4. Really? When did it actually happen? When Seattle's team that you mention it, I had read some random forum post a couple years ago suggesting the mascot being in jeopardy because of OKC's name or some such thing. I didn't pay it much heed at the time, because the scenario didn't seem all that likely, and just continued to assume that Thunder was dropped in 2010. Guess there was truth to it after all. That's pretty strange. Just because the mascot had the same name as the relocated team, they were forced to drop him? You can't trademark just that word. What happened, exactly? I still wonder whether Thunder, if he'd lasted that long, would have survived the rebranding anyway, and I'm guessing probably not. How popular was he, actually?
  5. Really? When did it actually happen?
  6. There are only four such teams; here are some possibilities for them: Flyers: Interestingly enough, the Flyers had that weird mascot back in the '70's, Slapshot. I'm not even sure what he was supposed to be. One of two possibilities would seem to work for Philadelphia now. For one, you could go with this guy... He was apparently designed by a Flyers fan a few years ago and named Phil the Flyer, and I'd say he's a pretty cleverly-designed mascot. Alternately, maybe bring back Thrash, who was an exceptionally cool-looking mascot who was unfortunately forced into retirement when his team packed up and left Atlanta. His species does have breeding grounds in Pennsylvania, among other states, and he is, after all, a flyer . Rangers: Not quite sure what you do for this team. Maybe you could have a guy named Tex (the name is a reference to their founder and original owner, Tex Rickard) wearing some red, white, and blue rodeo cowboy-type getup. This does seem kind of cheesy, though. Wonder if someone else might have a better idea. Stars: I think if they had some bull mascot, like the Texans' Toro or their old "mooterus" logo, they'd be good to go. He could be named StarSteer or something like that. Oilers: How about a guy that sort of resembles the rig worker from that old alternate logo of theirs? Maybe call him Ed .
  7. For the record, turns out I was wrong about LA not having had a costumed mascot prior to Bailey: there was also Kingston the Snow Leopard, who was apparently only around for a single season in the early '90's. Not sure why the Kings canned him.
  8. Whoa, weird! I never knew about this until now! Pretty bizarre logo...
  9. Here are my ideas: Sixers: Hip-Hop really was a terrible mascot, and I'm glad they got rid of him. Kind of surprised that the team hasn't yet replaced him, given that they were actively trying to for a while. I would have been okay with that Ben Franklin character they were proposing, but I understand why he rubbed some fans the wrong way. Now that the team has abandoned him and those awful dog and moose characters, maybe they ought to just bring back Big Shot, especially because I've heard that a number of fans want him back. He was kind of cool in a retro sort of way. Warriors: I'm not going to lie; I kinda miss Thunder. There was something cool, almost Zeus-like, about him. He was, of course, a victim of the club's rebranding. They could have still kept him, kind of like the Pistons kept Hooper after ditching the horsepower logos, but I guess he was just never as popular with fans in the Bay as Hooper was (and still is) in Detroit. I don't know that the team is even planning on developing a new mascot, but if they were, what would a good one be? They definitely wouldn't want to revisit their Native American-related past to get one, and it wouldn't even make any sense anyway seeing as how there hasn't been any Native American imagery in their logos for years now. Maybe they could have an animal, say, a bobcat (plenty of which live in the nearby wilderness). This would give people an excuse to save Rufus Lynx from the dustbin of history, which he'll surely otherwise go to at the conclusion of this season (this would be sort of like the Canadiens rescuing Youppi!, except without the mascot remaining in the same city). You could simply change his color from orange to athletic gold, and voila! Clippers: It's kind of tough with this team, but maybe a sailor of some sort. Kind of like Popeye, except less goofy looking. This team really needs to spice up the generally bland identity it's had for so long, and having a mascot may help some. Knicks: This one is pretty easy. Just take the guy who was their logo years ago, name him The Knickerbocker, and call it a day. Lakers: My Lakers are a very tricky one. The question of whether this team even needs a mascot aside, it's hard to think of something related to the logos and identity, kind of like with the Dodgers and, to a lesser extent, the Clips. You'd probably have to have something invoking LA specifically. I kind of picture an outlandish movie star-type character. On top of that, he could be some local animal, like a rabbit (oddly enough, this would make him kind of like the aforementioned Hip-Hop, but preferably better-designed). In fact…if he were, specifically, a movie-star jackrabbit, you could call him Jack, after the team's most well-known fan.
  10. I'm doing a separate post for the NHL, so as to create less clutter per thread.
  11. Here are some ideas for mascots for the NFL teams that don't currently have them: Packers: Acme the Packer. He'd be a plant worker whose name pays tribute to the team's history. I can picture him as being in the same vein as Steely McBeam, who I think was a very good idea for a mascot (although some here may disagree). Giants: G-Man. Some really big blue dude, kind of a muscular monster type of creature, with a name referencing one of the team's nicknames. (I thought I had heard rumblings that the Giants were actually working on developing a mascot. Is this true?) Redskins: Pigskin. A pig wearing Redskins gear; nice way to work in references to a football's material and the Hogs legend in one fell swoop. Jets: Need some kind of pilot character, akin to that weird mascot they had for a time in the '90's (I never even knew that character's name; guess I'll ask about that in another thread). Not sure what his name might be, though. Raiders: Just have a mascot that looks like the guy in their logo. Again, not sure what his name would be. Nightraider, perhaps (evoking the bad guy from Mad Max)? Or would this be too goofy? Chargers: Just make Boltman the official mascot, and hire the guy who portrays him. I don't understand why the Spanos family never did this, other than being cheapskates. The fans love him.
  12. I know that not everyone is of the same opinion, but I personally love costumed mascots. I think they add a lot of color and flavor to the world of sports. I also realize that this is an odd thing for a guy from LA to be saying, considering that among our pro teams in the four major sports, there has only ever been one official costumed mascot (Bailey the Lion, who just debuted a few years ago). There are still a number of major pro teams without costumed mascots, including those other teams in LA. If they were to have mascots, what are your ideas on what they might be? Here are a few suggestions of my own for baseball (I'm going to put the other sports in separate threads, to keep things simpler): MLB: Angels: Please, let's get an actual angel character in there; no more of this ridiculous Rally Monkey business. As far as a name for the character, I'm not sure. Naming him Arte the Angel would be an exhibition of extremely poor taste by the ownership, though . Cubs: Just have a cub named Cubbie or something. This shouldn't be too hard. Almost seems like the lack of a mascot on the North Side was just another consequence of the Tribune Company's miserliness. Dodgers: Admittedly, the boys in blue are hard to come up with a mascot for. The name "Dodgers" doesn't exactly lend itself to mascot-related imagery so readily. I think this may actually be a big reason why the Lakers and Clippers don't have mascots either (although in the Clippers' case, I'm sure it also comes down to Donald Sterling being who he is). I guess you could have Da Bum (as an example of a name), a lovable hobo-type character. Yankees: Bring back Dandy! I think he was actually a good mascot, and he even had the Thurman Munson 'stache! It seems like it wasn't really so much the fans but rather the team's management that killed him. Would the younger Steinbrenners ever consider reviving him? Thoughts?
  13. This whole discussion reminds me: why don't the Bulls have an alternate logo other than just the Bull head by itself? Why not a side view of the head or a C formed out of Bull horns or something like that? (The Magic are another team that spring to mind that still need a better secondary logo.)
  14. Didn't see anything about this, but is Washington getting an alt? They're due for one. I created a rough image in Photoshop of what an alternate Wizards uniform would look like, and it looked insanely cool (same template as the home and road, but with navy main portion, red band, and white shoulders). Wonder if the Nets will end up getting an alt next year. Tough to figure out how it would turn out, seeing as how they only use two colors, but I'm sure they'd figure out some way to make it different from the regular road via striping pattern/arrangement. I hope that such an alt would end up looking snazzy, unlike their ultra plain sets now, which I can't say I'm much of a fan of. Pretty pissed that the Pistons' Motor City jerseys weren't red. I really wonder why they stopped using red alts in the first place. Hell, maybe they could keep the Motor City uni blue and just add back their previous red alt. If the Clippers, Blazers, Lakers, and Heat have multiple alts, why not Detroit?
  15. Well, unfortunately, this site still isn't comprehensive when it comes to NBA uniforms, although it's gotten better over time. There's still a lot missing, like older Philadelphia and Washington uniforms. The site I'm thinking of actually had a lot of old stuff that isn't on here yet. I guess a good question would be: when are the admins going to put up renders of the uniforms that are missing from here? Is there any timeline for this that's been set?