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  1. I am working on a project. I redesign some old NBA All-Star Game logos. 

    In this case I did Teo versions. One in the original logo, whit NBA logo colors. 

    I also did one version with the Dallas Mavericks logo colors st the time the game took place. The red and blue are my favorite. And feels more All-Star in my opinion. Let me know what you think :) spacer.pngspacer.png

  2. I thought the Bullets old jerseys were a bit too messy. and that their 90's jerseys were too red and unpleasant for the eyes. so I tried to do something in between.

    Their court I thought had far too much empty space and too small logos. so I pulled them up a bit.


    and I fixed some angels on the primary logo.



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    I made a concept of Los Angeles Clippers old logo.

    I wish they would bring it back.

    But have some cleaner jerseys. and another tone of the colors. I wanted the colors to remind more of sailers ship crew and the ocean.

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    Because there was no good picture here on on one of my favorite all-star logos in nba. I rebuilt it. And made some adjustments. among other things, so the wave's side follows the blue outer edge and removes some foam from the wave which I thought was unnecessary and superfluous. as well as changed the blue color.

  5. your right about the AZ-patch ooups:) 


    I´m not good at computers except from illustrator and photoshop. I will fix PNG´s Thanks for the tip.  And many your right about the lines to. I will try out them thicker. Well, its an three years old concept. that I just thought that I could put up here now. Just started to post on this forum now.