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  1. I mean, the damn jersey looks like something a bunch of ship-wrecked castaways would make whilst stranded on an island, collecting bits of scrap fabric from their tattered clothes... Shame.
  2. Not sure if this has been touched on, but Paul Lukas brings up a very interesting point over on Uni-Watch, and that is; ""...it’s pretty obvious from the press photos that certain numeral combinations will work better than others. Like, if , what are they going to do with 33?" I lost a lot of sleep last night over this whole issue of what 33 will look like for the Titans. A lot of sleep. Perhaps one of you has an educated guess as to how they will tackle it..
  3. First one that comes to mind -- I mean, c'mmon folks... these mismatched abominations; And the hat? Hang on I'm gonna be sick... Thankfully, back to...
  4. For what it's worth -- I feel like this is basically what the Lions did last year right before they pulled the chute on black. I noticed they too were using blackless logos on their social media, some stadium signage, and the odd piece of merch...
  5. Oh I see what they've done here... perhaps they're smarter than we think? But I doubt it. Also, still fugly.
  6. I was so very skeptical from the moment I saw that initial leak... but the more I look at these damn things the more I love them. Probably Nike's best redesign, no? (Did Nike redesign the Bills or did that happen just before? That would be the only other one to consider IMHO). And who knew I could like a custom number font this much? Can't wait to see them on the field.
  7. All these comments, they're great - but it's all moot, it's all just personal taste, isn't it? For me, to my surprise, I quite like 'em! After that leak I feared the worst, but seeing them now they land well. Sure there are some things I would change but overall I dig it. In *my* perfect world we'd delete the logos on the sleeves, and use a traditional font for both the numbers and NOB.. would be perfect. Love the new stripe. As as for WCF on the left - well... I guess owning a team has it's perks? True love, isn't it?
  8. Re: The Lions, and specifically the new wordmark - quite a let down here. Opportunity lost, equally as ass as the last IMHO.. so a lateral move at best? I do suspect the numerals to might better, should they decide to use them on the jersey, but I for one hope they go traditional. I truly can't understand why it seems most teams feel the need to use a custom font (if I can even call them that). Sure, no question, many of them work. But all too often they feel forced. Meanwhile, look at teams like Oakland, Chicago.. Jets and even Cleveland (recently, Raptors in basketbal) come to mind, they keep it simple and fairly traditional. I know much of this is personal taste, but it always seems to look better to my eyes, and furthermore have a better chance to stand the test of time. I'm sure someone will point out that some of the aforementioned fonts are in fact custom, but I would suggest we're splitting hairs at that point. Again, I understand this is all personal taste. Hell, everything about every uniform in the history of time is. So many will disagree. It just seems forced is all I'm sayin'. Custom font for custom font sake™ (CFFCFS). Love the removal of the black. Love the correction/streamline/whatever of the blue. Hope they simplify the helmet stripe. Hope they use traditional numbers on the jersey. Forever yours, Peace and love, Wettest regards, Baby on board, Bx
  9. Oh please dear Uni Gods steer the Lions clear of that brutal font.. at the very least stop using it as the jersey numeral. And if I was a betting man, which I am, I'd wager they move away from black.
  10. I would prefer to lose the black from the Lions uni's entirely... but failing that, simply fixing the helmet stripe might help. As someone mentioned earlier in this post, it should be a little thicker. More of an Ohio State vibe. Also, I've never been in love with the number font. A traditional college numeral would look much sharper IMHO.
  11. Facemask colour debate aside, I for one hope they keep the helmet as is. In my world there is something very respectable... dignified, about a logo-less helmet. Keep it real, Cleveland.
  12. .The Browns already look like total horse****. Its not like they could look any worse. The Browns should have been rebranded and those current mess of a uniform burned and tossed into Lake Erie, when they came back into the league in 1999. And for the 198th time...QUIT BLAMING NIKE!!! The teams are the ones who make the decisions on the rebrands and uni changes. NFL properties is heavily involved too. You morons blaming Nike for everything don't know what you are talking about...as usual. You have to admit that the large logo, use of chrome and bright colors all reek of nike. Not complaining about the features but its pretty obvious they have a great deal of control... If the Bucs said "wow, that flag is just too big. We want it the same size as before", Nike might say "but... but BIG... and..." but the Bucs could just say "we want it smaller. Thanks." "control" is in the hands of the client. I completely agree with you. But you have to release sometimes the client doesn't know what's best for them and allows the "design" team to manhandle the situation. Definitely, but that's hardly the fault of the designer. If it's an independent designer I would probably expect something a little more tasteful, but in Nike's case, if given no guidelines they'll do whatever they can to show off their technology and generate attention. That's like dangling a steak in front of a lion then getting mad at the lion for eating it. I'm not defending Nike's designers, but it's flat out lazy and irresponsible for anyone to blame a designer without knowing what the parameters were or what input the client gave. Even if none, the blame goes to the client. If I look like an idiot because I'm wearing a woman's pink bejazzled sweater, it's my fault for buying it from the store, not the designer's for making it. Put another way - If I go home tonight and set out four bowls of 'food' for my dog; - cat vomit - contents from the lint tray in my dryer - toe-nail clippings - his own, freshly purged excrement ...he's gonna eat one of 'em. Just sayin'. In my world Nike gets more than half the blame.
  13. I think your post proves why it's stupid to blame Nike. If a client wants a traditional or more reserved design, Nike is clearly capable of creating it. The release even said that Nike worked with the league and team to come up with this. So while it was their designers, either the team said "whatever, just make something you think is cool", or "we want to really stand out so give us all your cool new tricks" or maybe one of their internal guys even sketched something like this out and just gave it to Nike to refine. Regardless, your post shows that if a team wants a certain look, that's what they're going to get. Either Tampa specifically wanted a "cutting edge" look, or just didn't care. A very good point indeed... but forgive me if I get the feeling it's not quite that simple. I appreciate that, presumably, someone with the Bucs and someone with the league are approving these changes, but I'm pretty sure the team isn't telling Nike they want different logos placed on each sleeve, and yet another on the pants.. oh and please use a LCD alarm clock font while you're at it. Is it so inconceivable to think that the tail may be wagging the dog here?
  14. The longer I sit with this the more upset I get.. I mean, this really is turning into a lost opportunity. Can someone please tell me what happened to this Nike? Those are all so very clean, professional, and... well, digestible in comparison. You know, there was a time I was hoping Nike would tweak the Lions set, removing the black and possibly even fixing the number font. But I'm starting to think they don't know how to tweak. Now I don't want them to touch the Lions. Subtle fixes do not appear to be in their playbook. Vikings fans should count themselves lucky they made it out alive. Ya, their number font isn't great, and I'm still not sold on the sleeve stripe, but in hindsight it certainly could have been worse. God help us.