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  1. unfortunately, there are folks who think he is....
  2. If that person is Donald Trump then it has no chance.
  3. Sure, because the American public still loves its newspapers like it still is 1977. /sarcasm.That still costs money which they do not have. What else should they do? A Group-On? While they're are at it they should just go cross the country going to Public Access cable stations. After the league pays that charity mentioned on their indiegogo pages, they might still have enough money for a couple round trip flights on Southwest. One to Tampa, and one to Love Field. On Southwest, bags fly free. Print doesn't necessarily mean newspapers.
  4. They haven't made much of a noise beyond social media....unless there have been print ads that no one has mentioned. Seems to me that they should have had some kind of TV ad campaign or print campaign in the six initial cities....something.
  5. I think the silence from the league has been deafening since the press conference as far as national news. Their dependence on social media could become a detriment to their cause.
  6. It seems to me that some sort of ''all star'' format could still be used along with the two franchises.
  7. The Cotton Bowl isn't being used?
  8. For whatever reason, some of the pics aren't visible. Has someone posted the new Sea Lions concepts(3rd jersey and 4th helmet)?
  9. I wish I could remember which teams, Gothamite, but I honestly can't. I only saw a quick news story on it years ago. It might have been college or high school teams for that matter.
  10. Back just after 9/11, I believe, teams wore flag patches on their left front like the lapel pins.
  11. Then perhaps Dane should address this?
  12. Wonderbread, the West Point jersey does have the flag on both sleeves/shoulders. It's difficult to see but it's there. And the are both in the correct position. As an Army veteran, I'd have been hopping mad had they not had the flag correct.
  13. At 9 am CST, Dane's concepts for NJ will be posted on fb.
  14. They could literally go to one of the online uniform design pages and get the showcase uniforms there. I don't see a huge amount of money going for two sets of uniforms for two games. They could recycle the pants and helmets at least.
  15. This is the only concept we've seen, I don't believe that means Nike necessarily has been chosen.