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  1. Your shoulder striping is different in this image than the realistic home uniform and the mechanical details home uniform. Nice catch. I had to go back and re-look at it.
  2. upperV03 have you seen are WC jerseys. Very generic lol. That being said. I like the logo a lot actually.
  3. I actually really like all of these! I think they're a great take on what Nike is doing. Keep it up!
  4. I'm so happy to see I'm not the only person that has a hat obsession. I'll try and get a picture of all or most of my hats up later.
  5. Thanks for posting the Bonnies logo, I live maybe 5 mins away from campus. Wish they had the Brown Indians logo on here though.
  6. Where I went to High School Olean Huskies (Olean NY) 20 mins over the NY/PA border Bradford Owls (Bradford PA)