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    Utah Jazz Logo

    i like the updated versions with the jazz's current color scheme but, once i saw it , it couldn't be unseen. (the basketball with the mountains kinda look like an onion.) great work though. looking forward to your improvements.
  2. I haven't posted an official concept in a bit, but i wanted to show you guys what I'm working on.(just a week in) As we all know, the LA Rams have made their return to the NFL. I decided a few days ago to make a concept around this as many have done already. I'm still in the very early stages of this project and am in need of some critiques on what i have so far (Primary Logo). Thank you all for visiting my Post and again C&C always appreciated.
  3. I really appreciate the feedback and again i apologies for the heavy word-marking. I'm not actually working on these anymore but thank you for the feedback again. I've seen the rope idea done a million times, not to say it isn't good design wise, but at the time i was working on it I just didn't want to do it.
  4. yea sorry about that
  5. Hello again. Awhile back (during the summer) i posted a clippers logo concept because i didn't like the re-brand that they have gone with (still don't). i had fun creating my concept, but i was still new to creating logos an such and i know they weren't very good. some time after i posted the initial concept i started working on another clippers re-brand just to try and improve on making my work. i came up with three concepts, granted one is just a rehash of the San Diego Clippers logo just modernized with a new Font and colors. 2 of them i made the same day made apparent by the Font used and the other was made before those 2 during the time that i was working on my USPBL concept (my fictional basketball league). these were all made rather quickly and i didn't really smooth out the bumps so im sorry for the overall sloppiness but i just wanted to know what some of you thought of them. so without further ado here are the logos C&C always appreciated.
  6. the muted colors are perfect for a team named the wolves, i would keep them that way if i were you. this rebrand is one of the best ive seen on here thats for sure. i really like the sublimated "M" at the bottom of the primary logo , its a really nice touch.
  7. Dude, white is too close to silver. Darken the silver, or make it the home, then make another color the away? didnt want to go back and visit this but here ya go i darkened the silver...slightly
  8. there are only 3 main colors in this logo the other 2 are black and the lines in the ball which is nothing more than a shadow used as lines which are both just accents and are no way part of the color palette i will simply the line work in the cactus and try to get the ball to look better in the next update
  9. Tucson Saguaros new logo slightly modeled after the 93 Denver Nuggets skyline logo i also droped the two dust brown colors and went with green blue and yellow/golden yellow. i call it the "Toast" logo because when i was drawing up the new design the border of it started looking like the shape of a piece of toast , so i shortened it and kept the overall design of it. Tucsons uniforms also drew inspiration from a NBA team the 01 Dallas Mavericks uniforms are some of my favorites so i tried to mimic them but not make it completely accurate. C&C appreciated.
  10. yea I know and yes it makes complete sense lol I just made changes earlier this morning and haven't gotten around to post them but I will once I make it home again. Thank you.
  11. i really appreciate the kind words , ive been trying to get better at this and im glad my efforts havent gone unnoticed. i will also look into adding the border again , thank you.
  12. Done and done. slight color tweak what do you think? i removed the boarder because i felt like the logo had too many lines with it still there, it was there only to mainly support the basketball being in the logo but after you pointed it out it did in fact look a little funky.
  13. NEW COLOR SCHEME: Black and Gold remain Orange is from the Houston Astros 1976 logo.
  14. Omaha Stampede New Logo and uniforms. Inspiration: Chicago Bulls. i kept them simple because everything i tried to add on the uniforms looked too overdone , i hope it doesn't look too plain. C&C appreciated.
  15. Here is the implementation of the gold for the "Silver Aces" lol. Let me know how you all like it. Just a simple gold ring added
  16. Silver Aces New Logo. Inspiration: Brooklyn Nets. i wanted it to still look sorta like a poker chip, so i could use some C&C .
  17. sorry for the long break but im back and i have a new logo for you guys. i hope you all like it it didnt take long to change( couple days at most) but again, i hope you all like it. Boise Thunderbirds logo and uniforms:
  18. Birmingham Vipers logo and uni: i know the vipers wordmark spacing is off but for some reason it wouldnt wrap around the logo without overlaping it so please forgive the sloppiness.
  19. yea i cant seem to get the louisville to look right but i will replace it once its done and looks better
  20. RIDERS UNI: I actually did this before i made the other one but scrapped it because it was too plain looking imo but the most recent comment didnt feel the horse shoe worked so i posted this.