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  1. Even though I think Mitchell and Ness has made them in the past ( I can't find them anywhere- I bought a replica), I would love to see the 1968-1969 Orioles vest....
  2. You have to remember that the picture vs the Vikings was from the 1973 season, which the uniform slightly changed from the 1966-1972 uniforms....... This new throwbacks are the 1966 uni, which indeed did have aqua-orange-aqua pant striping. but now I'm noticing the font on the "5" is different I stand corrected. I'd never seen a picture with the aqua/orange/aqua stripe before. Pretty cool. I wonder why they ever switched to orange/aqua/orange anyway?
  3. I would love to see the 68' or 69' Orioles vest jerseys....
  4. I'm looking for a sleeveless Orioles jersey replica circa late 60's.....they said a Starter made these a few years ago but have not been able to find one....any help would be appreciated in advance!
  5. Why is this news? We all know what the generic logo is add a year to it and you have next years logo!
  6. Really good! That's what the Dolphins should of done.....huge logo!
  7. Any Orioles 1968-19969 jersey vests...if anyone can tell me where to purchase (heard a rumor that Starter made some replicas in the late 90's), it would be much appreciated!
  8. Nothing wrong with the current design over the last 10 years?....obviously, not a Sixers fan!
  9. Bring back the old Dolphins uniforms (pre-1987)....very simple design....aqua and coral colors (no blue accent color)...ah, the good old days!
  10. It wont matter what color or shading that their helmets or jerseys will be...........they will have maize and blue all over their uniforms after August 30th! GO BLUE!
  11. Imagine if they had to play at home during the day with these! LOL! I'm sure these will be only used at night! Dan
  12. Man...I wish the Dolphins would go back to the pre-1987 jerseys (simple block form, Coral and Aqua color) plain and simple....the good ole' days!
  13. Which one? There are two different jerseys there. I deFINately like the pre-1987 jerseys the last post said, that is the jerseys that I grew up the simplicity of them....classic design!