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  1. This will always be the best Air Force 1 design:
  2. If you want to consider Australia's flag as their "logo"... ...yet their national teams wear the country's 'national colors' of green and gold:
  3. Thank you for the feedback, everyone...the team was split between A and B. I think we'll go with a variation of B moving forward. Much appreciated, forum!
  4. I'm in a wood-bat adult baseball team in Vancouver and after 15 years as the Big Blue (ugh), we're looking to refresh our team name, logo, jerseys, etc. I came up with the unanymously-approved Maple Bats, a play on the maple wood baseball bats some of use use and the Canadian icon maple leaf. Now I'm not a graphic designer by any means, just mocked up some ideas in Photoshop. Wanted to get feedback on which logo concept works best (and see if anyone wanted to take their crack at improving it!) Thanks in advance!
  5. My guess is when non-baseball, they will be referred in long (no pun intended) as Long Beach St. or LB State and in short as LBSU, LB ST, or BEACH, with the latter probably the university's preference.
  6. As a life-long Long Beach resident and LB State grad, want to clear-up a few things in this thread: * The mascot was changed from Prospector Pete to a shark. * The nickname was changed from 49ers to the preference of being referred to as Beach, The Beach or Beach Athletics. (LB State is the only D1 university with the name Beach in its name and continues to move forward accenting that fact. Sports aside, going to a school called "The Beach" does help with recruiting students and student-athletes outside of Southern California.) * Dirtbags is baseball-only and refers to when the team used to have to practice on an all-dirt facility, leaving their unis covered in dirt. That and the scrappy connotation of a "Dirtbag" baseball player. This is the best way to explain it: Alabama Crimson Tide and their elephant mascot is to Long Beach State and their new shark mascot. Again, jerseys won't say Sharks and teams won't be referred to as the's merely a mascot, not a nickname.