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  1. With the news of the warriors possibly adding an Oakland tribute uniform in the future, I decided to create my own. I tried to make a bit of a combination of the city uniform and the current ones. I just want to say that I despise copperplate, but its the font the warriors unfortunately use, so it's the font I used. oakland flag included for reference.
  2. I do agree with the others who have suggested that the color scheme could be improved. You could go in multiple directions, and I'm interested to see what you might do on that front. I also agree with KingChandler that the logo doesn't work as well as a wordmark on a jersey like that. I disagree with him, though, on the idea that the home jersey needs to say Grizzlies. Less than half the NBA wears mascot name on home and city name on the road. Some people suggest doing this every time a concept is released that doesn't do this, and I appreciate when designers go away from this on some of their concepts for something different. I prefer them emphasizing their city name over a mascot name that doesn't have much history in the city. I also like the short stripes because you showed the flag. Now I understand why you angle them like that, and I like how it further ties in to the city. In my opinion that, barring a few exceptions, the home should always have the team nickname and the road should always have the city. Putting the same wordmark on both jerseys just looks lazy to me.
  3. I like that you got rid of the yellow, but the home should say grizzlies
  4. I'm not sure if this means they're bringing them back or just selling them on the site, but every other jersey on the page was one they're currently using
  5. The warriors alternate is beautiful, but I'd make the circle and california outline blue, like the original, because I don't think white stands out enough on yellow
  6. well they're both teal and black, but I wouldn't say they're any more similar than the giants and orioles
  7. Here you go. I included the chest logo because the old one seemed to be the most popular among diamondback fans from what i've seen, but I made this one just in case anyone asked for it.
  8. I always liked the old puple and teal look the dbacks had. I was disappointed when they went from a unique purple and teal, to red, a color already over-used in baseball and sports in general. They did, however get a few things right with their uniforms and the updated snake D logo. In this I took the aspects, that in my opinion, were the best from both eras. I'll first start out with the color scheme. As I said before, I always liked the purple and teal the dbacks had before, but I feel today that the purple and teal together with the gold looks a little too 90's. I used the teal, because with the rebrand of the marlins, there are no teal teams left in baseball. I kept the tan and black they are currently using because I think they go good together with the teal. Secondly the logos. I'm not sure how others feel about the font used by the dbacks currently, but I'm not a fan of it. It looks like it should be used for a minor league team called the "black widows" or something. I like the style they used in the original to make "diamondbacks" fit together, so used that and changed the font to a more professional look. For the primary and alternate logos, I just took the currents and changed the red parts to teal. Lastly the uniforms. The dbacks best home uniform in my opinion (and according to the ratings on this site) were the purple and teal with the A logo. The current home whites with "d-backs" is awful and bringing back the A on the primary home whites gives them a much cleaner look and avoids a stupid abbreviation like "d-backs." For the road grays I just changed the red to teal and replaced the font with my updated one. The black alternates are pretty much the same other than the teal and number font. The hats are more of the same except for the addition of an alternate A cap with a teal bill. I think the hats and jerseys could be worn in any combination, but my preferred combinations are the solid black A with the home whites, the teal D with the road grays, and the alternate A with teal bill with the alternate blacks. I'm relatively new with this so suggestions and feedback are welcome!
  9. The current Avalanche logos and color scheme have a lot of potential in my opinion. The uniforms, however, are just plain atrocious, and the primary logo looks a little too cartoon-ish. To improve the primary logo, I straightened out the A, got rid of the unnecessary ring, and made the tip look more like the peak of a mountain. I didn't change the secondary foot logo, because it's a very solid logo in my opinion. I completely redesigned the uniform to a more classic style, because as I said before, their current uniforms are terrible.
  10. football: unless they're both white, jerseys and pants should be different colors this looks so much better than this for baseball and basketball, home jerseys should have the team's name and road jerseys should have the team's location, the only exceptions being uniforms like the yankees and tigers the rangers are the worst culprit