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  1. Here's another uniform, for the Kansas Globetrotters.
  2. Funny you asked, I was about to explain. Basically you make a team of two sports gamers, two shooter gamers, and one utility gamer, and they go head to head in matchups that the home team decides based on the genre. The games are played on flatscreen TVs at arenas, and the home team decides the game. It can either be co op or every gamer for himself. Utility gamers can play any other genre then sports or shooter.
  3. Since my first ideas didn't work well I canceled them and came up with a new idea, a major league for video games. To avoid having to make a bunch of threads, I'll also post my shoe designs and any other uniforms I do here. I don't have the whole story together but here's the basics. Basics: The AGL is a 12 team league with plans for expansions. There isn't a draft, just a offseason for signing free agents. The season is a series of head to head battles across 10 weeks to lead up to the six team playoff. Every team has five players on a starting lineup, with two reserve players. Teams represent regions, not individual cities. Uniforms done: DC Gaming:
  4. The Aces are my favorite, they remind me of Oakland without looking too much like them. Maybe go with grey socks but everything's good.
  5. Is this dead?
  6. Some scheduling stuff for this week. I think I figured scheduling out, games will be spread through the week. Monday Games: Alabama at Athens, 56-0 Alabama Missouri at Alaska, 35-34 Mizzou Delaware at Nashvillle, 21-0 Nashville Hawaii at California, 35-21 Cal Utah at Oregon, 45-35 Utah Wyoming at South Dakota, 14-7, Wyoming
  7. This isn't dead JSYK. I have a update coming out tomorrow and hopefully some scores from games.
  8. I claim Silva for the Dynasty. By the way, I might update the unis today.
  9. I liked the original Brazil better. That used their colors better then the new one.
  10. Can I claim the Korean Zombie as one of my fighters? And is Maywheather going to be in this?
  11. Here's my team uniforms, the NY Dynasty. Do we use real MMA players or make up a roster? And how many on each team?
  12. I made another uniform, the Alabama Orangemen. Here's the photo: http://imgur.com/ilfIcvF _____ Bio: The Orangemen are the most controversial team, with a name that people have been asking them to change for years. They have an all-women secondary made up of cornerbacks Alana Bernard, Erica Hensly, Jami Fitzpatrick, and Jennie Lewis, and safeties Hannah and Lara Steele, with Lara being defensive player of the year in 2012. The Orangemen have three titles and five appearances in the championship. The team led the league in defensive touchdowns, interceptions, and forced fumbles last year, when they won the title.
  13. This sounds cool, can I design a team? My team will be a featherweight team called team Dynasty.
  14. What I think about these: Ottawa: Nothing really stands out but solid design. The real team should use these. Okanagan: The color scheme makes sense but the Nike logos are a bit much. There's eight Nike logos on each uniform and they really stand out, maybe you could cut some out.
  15. Here's a little bit of league history. _____ MLD was founded in 1950 when a group of ex football players were upset with current leagues and wanted a new sport. The original league had ten teams, New York, New Jersey, California, Manchester, London, Ohio, Utah, Minnesota, South Carolina, and Nevada. Through the years, more teams were added. The sport was named discusball to not be confused with discus, an Olympic sport. The team with the most titles is California, with eleven, followed by New York and Ohio with nine each and London with seven. Utah has six championships and the most hall of famers of any team.